COUNTRY: Belgium
CITY: Kortrijk

Upcoming Dates

Emerge from MATEXPO with new understanding of the emerging trends and developments in civil engineering, and register sales leads whether you’re exhibiting building equipment or machines for building. The international trade fair arrives in Belgium with booths and demonstrations fromover 400 exhibitors. Interest, as always, is high and it’s most likely that 40,00 trade visitors are going to partake in the programming. Beat the rush for hotels for MATEXPO and delegate the details of your stay to Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We provide hotel accommodation for trade fairs tailored to your individual needs.

To succeed in business travel, you have to think about logistics. How close is the hotel to the fair venue? Do you have sufficient access to bus lines and underground stations? Is there parking? Are you paying the best prices? Travel 2 Fairs ltd takes a single work day to answer these questions and book your stay! Divert your attention to MATEXPO, where you witness firsthand what the future of civil engineering, construction equipment, construction machinery and engineering technology looks like. Demonstrations are built in the technical programming as are networking events to help foster new projects.