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Kain, Belgium opens its doors to professionals involved in the European potato industry to participate in the highly anticipated Potato Europe. The 2-day international congress & exhibition brings knowledge, technical know-how, technological innovation and best practices across the entire value chain to more than 10,000 visitors. That’s a packed event and you can be certain there’s going to be a race for accommodation. Findhotels for Potato Europe in one day thanks to Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We’re talking exceptional rates and desirable location in the city and near the exhibition centre – all available to you.

Potato Europe encourages cooperation and exchange in skills in order to overcome all current demands and challenges facing the potato growing industry. In addition to showcasing the rich varieties of potato strands, visitors are also shown cutting-edge solutions in every area – we’re talking fertilization, disease prevention, water management, cultivation protection and genetics. If you want to take full advantage of the event, then leave your business travel to us. It takes Travel 2 Fairs ltd one day to match you with the right hotel booking online. You save money, have easier time commuting and better yet save some time from planning your trip.