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( 7 October 2023 - 11 October 2023 )
Venue: Messe Cologne
Location: Germany , Köln
Founded year: 1919

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Anuga 2023 will take place between 7.10.2023 and 11.10.2023 at Messe Cologne. The format of the event will be hybrid. It will consist of a face-to-face exhibition and the digital platform [email protected] The in-person trade show will not include strict COVID-19 prevention measures. This is due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions. 

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Anuga is the largest food trade show in the world. It is the leading fair for the food and beverages industry. It is the central hub for presenting new megatrends, focus themes and innovations. Furthermore, it is also where professionals can expand their network and gain recognition. Anuga is a biannual trade show which takes place in Messe Cologne, Germany. The event takes place for 5 days and is most often held in October. 

Business profile of the event

Anuga attracts attendants from all value chain segments. This includes F&B retailers, wholesalers, importers/exporters, food stores and others. It also attracts manufacturers, suppliers, HoReCa experts, trade co-operatives, and food skilled traders. Hotel, catering trade specialists, system/brand-name catering experts, and food technologists also attend. So do industrial, communal, institutional catering experts, contract catering staff and nutritionists. Nutrition institute staff, ecotrophologists, procurement and technical facility installation experts likewise visit Anuga. As do equipment installation staff and large-scale catering establishment planners. Students and graduates of school programmes related to the F&B industry also visit the fair. Superior Foods, Buram, and Honey-World are among the international brands that attend Anuga.

What is new for Anuga 2023?

Anuga 2023 will take place as a hybrid event. It will consist of a face-to-face exhibition and the [email protected] digital platform. [email protected] allows attendants to network and access conference content. The networking options will include virtual cafés and product presentations. One of Anuga 2023’s central focuses will be personalisation. The support programme will explore the focus theme from different perspectives. The Newtrition X Summit, for instance, will discuss personalised nutrition challenges. iFood 2023 will also be among the focuses of the Anuga 2023 edition. The Conference will discuss themes such as sustainability and F&B digital trends. 

Did you know? 

Anuga is the leading networking and recognition-gaining location in the F&B industry. The fair also allows such experts to expand their specialist knowledge. This includes learning about the latest trends and innovations. The trade show furthermore serves as a central hub for conducting business on site. Additionally, professionals can gain a detailed overview of the industry. 

Each edition of Anuga tends to have a central or key theme that unites the support programme. For instance, the 2021 edition featured the key theme of sustainable food transition. The central theme serves as the uniting element of the support programme. It includes the latest megatrends, food trends, focus themes, and key topics. The key theme also serves as the means to present new formats and integrate them into the schedule. Like the central theme, the Key Topics also unite many of the events. Yet, they tend to perform the task on a smaller scale and often focus on particular market segments. For instance, the Kosher and Halal topics focused on the segments related to such foods. These include bakery, sauces, snacks, dairy, and confectionery. The food trends present the ideas which influence the most in the F&B industry. Such include, for instance, superfoods, plant-based proteins and others. The events united by the trends tend to discuss one or more of the subjects. Such include issues related to sustainable packaging and how they affect superfoods. 

One of the programme events the central elements affect is the Anuga Guided Tours. These are guide tours that present innovations related to the key topics or focus themes. For instance, the 2021 edition featured 5 tours:

  • Superfoods
  • Clean Label
  • Free Form
  • Meat Alternatives 
  • Dairy Alternatives. 

The Guided Tours allow attendants to learn about novelties in a target market. The Tours guide professionals through the different sub-fairs that form Anuga. These are: 

  • Organic
  • Meat
  • Hot Beverages
  • Frozen Food
  • Fine Food
  • Drinks Dairy
  • Culinary Concepts
  • Chilled & Fresh Food
  • Bread & Bakery.

Each of the trade fairs focuses on a specific group of foods and features a support programme. Organic, for instance, presents organic products with a strong export focus. These include location-based organic regional products such as vegetables, fruits, and others. The trade show features as its leading sub-event the Anuga Organic Market. It is the location for learning about the diversity of organic products and trends. Attendees can examine wares, including vegetables, fruits, seeds, and others. Another leading sub-event is the Anuga Organic Forum. It is where attendees can discuss organic market topics. Among them are subjects such as how to increase field yields. Anuga Meat presents trends and innovations related to meat, sausage, and poultry. Examples include the latest means of improving traceability without compromising taste. They can also include novelties related to the betterment of animal welfare. Anuga Hot Drinks or Hot beverages emphasise hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Professionals can examine and sample at the fair products, such as coffee or cocoa beans. Frozen Food presents the latest frozen food trends and novelties. Includes new ice cream flavours, baked goods, vegetables, ready meals and others. Presented innovations can include new means of preserving, refrigerating and transporting such goods. They can also introduce representations of the latest trends, such as convenience products. 

Anuga Fine Food attracts delicatessen manufacturers, importers, food trade and catering industry buyers. It is where such professionals can sample delicatessen, staple and gourmet foods. These include cooked meats, cheeses, usual or foreign meals such as sushi. Like the other sub-fairs, Fine Food also features a support programme. Among the main sub-events in the schedule is the Anuga Halal Market. It is where professionals can observe halal-certified foods such as dairy products. The Market also features novel supply chain technology for such foods. This includes transporting, producing, packaging, and supplying such goods. Anuga Drinks emphasises the drinks market segment. This includes energy drinks, cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, and others. The trade show serves as the meeting location for traders and beverage manufacturers. Anuga Dairy focuses on milk, its alternatives and the various dairy products. Presented wares include animal and plant-based milk, cheeses, creams, butter, and others. It also includes novel technology for extending the shelf life of such products.

Anuga Culinary Concepts present catering and trade equipment, technologies and culinary trends. It is the meeting location for manufacturers, suppliers, and providers of kitchen equipment. Chefs, caterers, hoteliers, and other such professionals also attend the fair. The Culinary Concepts feature the specialised location known as the Anuga Culinary Stage. It is where professionals can learn about novel trends, technologies, challenges, and issues. The studio also presents the best practices and alternative solutions. The trade show also features two competitions that grant recognition to culinary professionals. These are the Chef of the Year and the Patissier of the Year. Chef of the Year features aspiring chefs competing with each other. They must prepare a three-course meal on site. Six finalists are selected, with one of them becoming the winner. A jury of master chefs who sample each dish elects each finalist and the victor. Patissier of the Year is like the previous competition. It features pastry chefs competing with each other by preparing various pastries. Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food presents nutrition-to-go, fresh delicatessen and snacks. This includes fresh pasta, fish products, ready-made salads, marinated vegetables and fresh-cut fruit. It also includes fresh, ready-made or partially-prepared drinks. Anuga Bread & Bakery, as the trade show would imply, focuses on the bread & bakery industry. This includes bread, baked goods such as pastries, flours, and others. The sub-fair attracts patissiers, bakers, bread makers, millers, and others. 

Anuga also features many opportunities for attendants to expand their specialist knowledge. Among them is the New Food Conference, which discusses sustainable food system topics. This includes challenges, opportunities, the best ethical practices, agriculture developments and others. Cellular agriculture is often among the topics of discussion. They can also include the latest scientific breakthroughs and others. Another specialist knowledge-expanding sub-event is the Newtrition X. Innovation Summit. The Summit allows attendants to take part in an interdisciplinary exchange of information. For the task, they can listen to leading science experts discuss practical means of implementing research. Such means can include how to use nutritional medicine studies in product development. It can also include receiving a detailed overview of the personalised nutrition market. The Anuga FoodService Power Breakfast is another sub-event that provides specialist knowledge. It features presentations about the newest global catering market trends and perspectives. 

Anuga additionally features opportunities for gaining recognition. Among them is The Anuga Taste Innovation Show. It presents to attendees essential industry innovations. International trade journalists and market research analysts choose the presented novelties. Over 400 companies can compete for the honour of having their product presented at the Show. Each nominated product must stand out in several aspects. These include originality of the idea, innovation level, sustainability and creative implementation. Another recognition-gaining sub-event is the Start-Up and Entrepreneur competition. It allows young F&B entrepreneurs to present their novelty before a select panel of judges. The victor is chosen based on originality, innovation, and creative skill and others. The Best Food Founder is like the Start-up and Entrepreneur Competition. Yet, several differences distinguish it. The Best Food Founder allows German-speaking start-ups to pitch their innovative business idea. The victorious earn the right to have their product promoted in the German Market. 

Anuga often features innovations meant to adapt the format. For instance, the 2021 edition debuted the novel digital platform [email protected] The platform allowed exhibitors and visitors to attend the fair from a distance. It also allowed them to watch on-demand the content of the support programme. The available content included the opening of the trade fair, the Power Breakfast and others. The 2019 edition also featured a novelty in the form of the Anuga Frozen Food fair. 

Anuga is a must-attend for many F&B industry professionals. Among them are professionals, such as: 

  • F&B retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Importers/exporters
  • Food store owners/managers
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • HoReCa experts
  • Trade co-operatives
  • Food skilled traders
  • Hotel/catering trade specialists
  • System/brand-name catering experts
  • Food technologists
  • Catering experts
  • Contract catering staff
  • Nutritionists
  • Nutrition institute staff
  • Ecotrophologists
  • Procurement/facility installation experts
  • Equipment installation staff
  • Large-scale catering establishment planners
  • Specialist traders 
  • Students and recent graduates 

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Anuga is a biannual trade show that takes place for 5 days. Koelnmesse GmbH organises the event at Messe Cologne. Visiting hours for exhibitors for the first 4 days are between 8 am and 8 pm. For the last day, exhibiting attendants can enter Anuga between 8 am and 7 pm. Visitors can take part between 10 am and 7 pm for the first 4 days. On the final day, they can attend between 10 am and 6 pm. Messe Cologne is a venue with an easy-to-reach location. This is due to the public transport lines that enable access from different city areas. For instance, by metro, you can reach the messe from Cologne-Bonn Airport in 20 minutes. Similarly, via bus, you will arrive from the railway station or Hauptbahnhof in 11 minutes. 

Cologne is among Germany's well-known tourist locations. The metropolis has a well-working public transport system. The network consists of bus, railway, taxi, and metro lines. The public transport network links all districts of Cologne. It additionally has intercity routes that enable travelling to Bonn and Berlin. Travelling via public transport tends to be time-saving. For instance, the travelling time from the Old City district to the Hohenberg area is 30 minutes by bus. Cologne has an expansive scope of dining and accommodation options. Among them are apartments, hostels, hotels, and guest houses. Dining options include bars, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, and markets. There are several districts in Cologne that are well-known resting and eating areas. Among them are Deutz, the Old Town and the Belgian Quarter.

Audience and Statistics

Anuga is of great importance to the food & beverage and packaging industries. Because of its significance, the event receives exceptionally high numbers of attendants. For instance, its 2021 edition received over 4600 exhibitors and over 70 000 visitors. A total of 169 countries attended the edition. Among them are countries such as:

  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • China
  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • UAE
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Past Editions

2021 edition

Anuga 2021 once again served as the leading meeting location for the global F&B industry. It received over 4600 exhibitors and over 70 000 visitors despite the pandemic. Such numbers showed the importance of the event and of conducting face-to-face meetings. Organisers ensured that the format allowed attendees to take part without health risks. The event took place as a hybrid trade show. It consisted of a face-to-face exhibition and a digital platform. The in-person show took place at Messe Cologne and included strict COVID-19 prevention measures. Among them were attendants needing to show valid 3G certificates. Visitors praised the organisation while exhibitors expressed high satisfaction with the networking opportunities. The digital platform also received positive feedback as an ideal complement.


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