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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Dusseldorf

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Ranging from imaginative practices in viticulture to a diverse assortment of wines and spirits, the ProWein program promises to provide you an updated vision of the current international markets. The international trade fairopens in Dusseldorf, Germany and current predictions place attendance at 6000 exhibitors, showcasing unique vintages and technological innovations from around the world. Be among the first to book hotels for ProWeinwith Travel 2 Fairs ltd to guide you through the process. You’ll receive a customized online hotel reservation for trade fairs that meets all your needs.

ProWein gives the opportunity to introduce you an enthusiastic and receptive audience the most sophisticated tastes you have in your stock. It’s the perfect environment to make direct sales, add new buyers into your professional network and learn what trends are taking over the world. In addition, there are going to be taste tasting paired with some delicious culinary events. Also, don’t forget the lectures and discussion rounds. The first step to successful business travel is to secure a smart hotel reservation. Travel 2 Fairs ltd delivers your exceptional deals. Save money and travel to the exhibition centre in a matter of minutes