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Have your shoe collection stamp the runway at Simac Tanning Tech, where footwear meets with popular practices and technologic innovations in the leather goods and tanning industries. The international trade fair provides exhibitors with sufficient financial gains as you meet with senior buyers on the lookout for quality products. Milan, Italy features the products of more than 270 exhibitors over a three-day period. Don’t forget to make a hotel booking online and if you don’t want the hassle of putting together a trip, delegate all business travel tasks to Travel 2 Fairs ltd.

Simac Tanning Tech serves as a valuable marketplace, where distributors and retailers comes to scout for new products in the inventory. It’s the right choice to move product off the shelf and launch new collections to much excitement. Play your cards right and you can generate sales leads and break into international markets all over the world. But first, you need rooms! Travel 2 Fairs ltd steps in to narrow down the selection of hotels in Milan. Our team sends you a list with offer picked to fit your budget, place you close to the exhibition venue and have access to public transport. Give us a day to complete your reservation!