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(13 March 2023 - 17 March 2023 )
Venue: Messe Frankfurt
Location: Germany , Frankfurt am Main

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Covid-19 Update

Messe Frankfurt GmbH is thrilled to begin planning for the return of ISH as a hybrid event in 2023. The face-to-face aspect of ISH 2023 has been confirmed for March 13th – March 17th. Between March 13th to March 24th, 2023, the digital site will be available. Messe Frankfurt currently does not have Covid-19 safety measures in place. This is due to the removal of the domestic restrictions due to the improving pandemic situation. This has also caused the removal of the country’s travel restrictions.

Calling card

Founded in 1960, ISH is among the leading European trade fairs for the HVAC and water industries. The event is held in Messe Frankfurt for five days at the end of March. It is the central platform for presenting innovations and discussing preservation topics. It is also the primary location for business networking and generating sales. Furthermore, it is an event with a high turnover and international participation rate. It receives participants from more than 160 countries. This includes over 180,000 visitors and over 2,500 exhibitors.

Business profile of the event

ISH is an international trade fair that attracts participants from diverse industries:

  • energy
  • plumbing
  • heating
  • refrigeration
  • air conditioning sectors
  • skilled trades
  • retail
  • wholesale
  • engineering
  • construction
  • real estate
  • utility

The target visitor groups include:

  • wholesalers
  • retailers
  • system planners and installers
  • investors
  • architects
  • construction specialists
  • local authority representatives
  • sanitation, heating and air-conditioning installers
  • interior architects and designers
  • real estate experts
  • property developers
  • building technology service providers

46% of the visitors and 66% of the exhibitors represent foreign countries. 71% of the visitors are also representatives of top management, such as CEOs.

What is new for ISH 2023?

ISH 2023 will be held as a hybrid event. It will comprise a live trade fair with a Monday–Friday schedule and a digital platform. The live aspect of the event will incorporate Hall 12, and the Heating Area will be in hall 11.

Did you know?

Participants can achieve several business goals by attending ISH. They include examining new products and product versions. Additionally, participants can increase their specialist knowledge and exchange information. Attendants can also gain an overall impression of the marker situation. This includes comparing competitors. This enables them to prepare for purchasing decisions and making such purchases. Furthermore, they can expand their business network at the ISH. They can initiate new business contacts and cultivate existing ones for the task.

The fair enables the completion of such goals via its comprehensive support programme. It features a broad range of sub-events. The top themes determine the topics of discussion. These are distributed into two primary groups, each featuring two or more main subjects. The main groups are ISH Energy and ISH Water. ISH Energy features topics such as:

  • Green Deal
  • Life-giving air
  • Building automation

ISH Water features subjects such as:

  • Long-term bathroom design trends
  • Intelligent sanitation concepts and smart-home solutions
  • Bathroom hygiene trends
  • Bathroom modernisation trends
  • Clean drinking water throughout Europe

Each of the main topics focuses on a specific set of subjects. For instance, Long-term bathroom design trends discuss the latest tendencies. For example, the 2021 edition featured three trends:

  • Smart Bathroom
  • Green Bathroom
  • Living Bathroom

Each tendency discusses and presents the means to implement such trends. For instance, Smart Bathroom focuses on wares such as dual-purpose mirrors. Intelligent sanitation concepts emphasise drinking-water installation digitalisation. This reflects the necessity of improving drinking water sanitation via digital means. This is also among the primary subjects of Clean drinking water throughout Europe.

Green Deal focuses on sustainability, including increasing the electrification of the heating market. Life-giving air emphasises the means to ensure the indoor air quality of buildings. This includes reducing the risks of airborne infections. Building Automation focuses on the measures that will aid in meeting the upcoming automation regulation changes.

The themes influence the support programme and its sub-events. For instance, it affects the exhibition. This is done by providing the trends that are currently influencing product innovations. The exposition features several product segments. These include:

  • ISH Energy
  • Heating
  • Refrigeration, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment
  • Building and home automation
  • ISH Water
    • Bathroom Experience
    • Installation Technology
  • Fire & Flame

Each product segment overviews a specific set of products. ISH Energy, for instance, overviews international and European heating market solutions. Themes such as Green Deal or Building Automation often influence it. The presented wares frequently focus on efficiency technologies and renewable energies. Such include innovations that provide higher electrification. The segment also focuses on intelligent networking building systems.
The Heating segment emphasises future developments related to the heating market. It is presented in five Halls and features state-of-the-art heating technologies and systems. Such include heat generation, circulation, and transfer elements. The Fire & Flame segment also displays the wares of heating technology manufacturers. In particular, it showcases combinations of the latest heating technologies with future-oriented designs. Such include single-room fireplaces and exhaust technology.

The Refrigeration, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment segment is in Hall 8. It features cooling, refrigeration, ventilation, and air-conditioning technologies. As with other sections, it emphasises automation, convenience, and energy efficiency solutions. It also focuses on presenting innovations that use renewable energies.

The building and home automation segment is in Hall 10.2 and 10.03. It presents intelligent building services technologies that improve energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience. Such include automation, energy management, monitoring, control and regulation innovations. It also includes products that enable the testing of such systems.

The ISH Water segment is for innovative bathroom concepts and sustainable sanitation solutions. It includes the section known as the Bathroom Experience, which presents the latest design trends. Various manufacturers showcase them, ranging from high-tech products to high-end design ideas. The ISH Water segment also displays innovative installation systems, repair materials, and tools. This includes ones that meet the latest demands for drinking water hygiene.

The themes also influence the forum sub-events. This is done by affecting the topics that are discussed during the micro-events. The forum sub-events include the following:

  • the ISH Building
  • the Fire & Stove Forum
  • the Technology and Energy Forum

Several professional associations organise the ISH Building Forum. These include the VDMA Building Control and Management Association for House + Building. The Association of the German Building Services Industry (BTGA) aids as a cooperation partner. It focuses on topics such as:

  • The EU Renovation Wave
  • Federal efficient building funding
  • Building industry digitalisation
  • The Building Energy Law
  • Building automation security
  • The current status of VDI 3814

The BDH (Federation of German Heating Industry) organises the Technology and Energy Forum. It discusses topics such as:

  • The Green Deal
  • Heating fuels
  • Renewable energy alternatives
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Heating system elements
  • Residential and commercial ventilation
  • Networked heating technology
  • Energetic networking

Subject examples include flue gas systems, CHP and fuel cells, and EEBUS.

The AIR CONDITIONING FORUM comprises lectures, round tables and panel discussions. These discuss topics related to air-conditioning and ventilation. Among them are ventilation technologies that reduce infection rates. They also include the latest scientific research results. The current eco-design regulatory developments and the latest innovations are likewise discussed. Such include novel air cleaner technologies and solutions. It also discusses topics such as intelligent home ventilation. An example subject discussed during the sub-event is “Interpretation of ventilation technology measurements”.

The Fire & Stove Forum allows stove and air heating manufacturers to present their wares and expand their knowledge. For the task, they could attend lectures that discuss topics related to heating with wood. Such include the latest developments, trends, and regulations. Additionally, the support programme for the sub-event features the Ofenflamme Design Prize. This is a micro-event that provides recognition for outstanding handcrafted individual fireplaces. This includes one that features high innovativeness, crafting skill or aesthetic design.

Another sub-event that showcases the themes is the Pop up my Bathroom Magazine. It is a trend platform that presents topics of interest, including bathroom-planning tendencies. For instance, the 2021 rendition featured two core themes and three bathroom trends. These were Hygiene, Modernisation, Green Bathroom, Smart Bathroom and Living Bathroom.

One of the leading sub-events featured in the support programme is the [email protected] Area. It is a specialised area that enables start-ups to gain recognition and expand their networks. It also allows them to expand their knowledge via the conference programme. This includes lectures that provide insights into initiating start-up companies. They also incorporate Talk sessions. During the Talks, attendees can network with founders and external experts. This includes discussing green-tech, hydrogen, blockchain, and “green” indoor climate. There are also Start-up pitches. They allow young founders to present their companies and ideas and answer questions. This enables them to network with potential investors. Likewise, the Speed Dating sessions permit them to expand their business networks.

Another high-interest sub-event is the Talks by World Architects. It is a series of interviews with renowned experts like Alexander Brenner. They allow participants, such as architects, planners, engineers and industry representatives, to exchange experiences. They can also gain knowledge and insights into the latest developments. Examples include the latest holistic approaches in architecture.

The Innovation Award Architecture+ Technology is also a sub-event that is a must-attend. The trade journals AIT and XIA host it in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt GmbH. It lauds innovative products and solutions created by manufacturers. In particular, the ones related to sanitary technology, ceramics, home/building automation, heating and air-conditioning. Furthermore, it grants recognition to surface manufacturers and interior/architectural designers.  

Often, ISH features novel additions to its support programme. One example is the Ofenforum or Fire & Stove Forum being hosted as a digital event. Another example is the Panel Discussion with German Architects and guests. It featured participants discussing the use of construction materials as recycled components.

ISH is a trade fair that can be valuable for a diverse range of participants. Such include manufacturers, skilled tradespeople, real estate specialists, construction experts and others. Start-ups, in particular, can look forward to the [email protected] Area, the Forums, and the exhibition.

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ISH is a biannual trade fair held for five days. The event days are distributed into four trade visitor days and one Public day. The opening hours are set between 9 am and 5 pm. The organiser and venue for the event are Messe Frankfurt GmbH.

Messe Frankfurt is a conference centre accessible from the city's key transportation hubs. Attendees, for example, may reach the site in 10 minutes by bus or metro from the central train station. Similarly, it can be reached in 8 minutes by automobile and between 16 and 19 minutes on foot. Likewise, the site is 15 minutes by car from Frankfurt Airport and 30 minutes by bus or metro. Visitors may also reach the event location from surrounding neighbourhoods, such as Bahnhofsviertel. It is approximately 19 minutes to arrive by bus and 26 minutes by walking. Attendees can also drive to the location in 8 to 10 minutes. Attendees can also use public transportation from nearby cities to Messe Frankfurt. Offenbach, for example, is a 25-to-30-minute metro or bus commute from the site. Likewise, Wiesbaden can be reached in 60 minutes by railway or bus and 29 minutes by automobile. Alternatively, the bus journey from Mainz to the venue is approximately 40 to 50 minutes. Visitors can either opt for a taxi or rent a car. In such cases, they will require 41 to 59 minutes.

Frankfurt offers a diverse array of lodging alternatives. This encompasses luxurious hotel rooms, hostels, guest homes, and apartments. They can be found in neighbourhoods like the city centre or cities like Hanau. There are specialised food markets, restaurants, bars, beer gardens, and other dining alternatives. They are available in areas like Bockenheim.

Audience and Statistics

ISH is an international trade fair that features a high turnover rate. For instance, the 2019 edition of the event featured 2,551 exhibitors and 188,234 trade visitors. The participants represented a total of 161 countries, including nations, such as:

  • China
  • Italy
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • the Netherlands
  • the UK
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • the Czech Republic

A notable detail is that 46% of the visitors and 66% of the exhibitors represented a foreign country during the edition. This included:

  • 75% of the attendees arriving from Europe
  • 18% travelling from Asia
  • 4% visiting from North and South America
  • 2% travelling from Africa
  • 1% visiting from Oceania

96% of the visitors attending the 2019 event were satisfied with the edition. This includes the 71% who had a key influence on procurement and purchasing decisions.

Past Editions


The 2019 edition of ISH was an outstanding success that featured the central theme of “Water.Energy.Life”. It also had high participant rates – over 2,500 exhibitors and over 180,000 visitors. Participants could achieve various business goals in an event space of 280,200 m2. Among the notable details about the rendition was the high international profile of the participants. 66% of the exhibitors and 46% of the visitors represented a foreign country. This showed a slight yet significant increase compared to the 2017 edition.


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