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( 4 May 2023 - 10 May 2023 )
Location: Germany , Düsseldorf
Organizer: Messe Dusseldorf GmbH

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Interpack 2023 will occur between May 4th and May 10th as a physical event. The COVID-19 protective measures will not be on display in Messe Düsseldorf due to the removal of the domestic restrictions. Interpack 2023 will restart the industry at a crucial stage of its development.

Calling Card

Founded in 1958, Interpack is among the must-attend packaging industry events. It is furthermore among the indispensable fairs to various other economic sectors. Attending industries include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, F&B, non-food, industrial goods, retail, and logistics. There are several reasons for the importance of interpack. Among them is that it is the industry's central presentation platform. At the trade fair, attendees can find the latest innovations. Furthermore, it is the leading networking and educational event for the attending industriesThis is because the trade fair allows participants to learn about a variety of topics. Further, they can meet with established and new business contacts. Interpack often exceeds 170,000 participants in total. It also tends to exceed over participating 150 countries. Europe, Africa, Australasia, and the two Americas are among the represented continents. Organisers host Interpack at the Messe Dusseldorf in Dusseldorf, Germany. It takes place for five days every three years.

Business Profile of the Event

Interpack receives a wide range of industries due to the importance of packaging. Apart from the packaging industry, the trade fair receives representatives from sectors like:

  • Food & Beverage

  • Non-food

  • Industrial goods

  • Logistics

  • Cosmetics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Retail

  • Skilled trades

  • Services

  • Manufacturing

Many members of the media industry likewise attend. As mentioned, over 150 countries from six continents attend the fair. Among the companies representing the participating countries are:


  • Fimcobase Al Ferdaws Food Industries Materials

  • Guangdong Shunde Huaji Machinery Industrial

  • Admix Europe

  • Apex Machinery & Equipment

  • AZO GmbH + Co. KG


  • C.M.E. Pty. Ltd.

  • Changzhou Biolegeen Ecotech Material Co., Ltd

  • Commercial Syn Bags. Ltd. COMSYN

What is New for interpack 2023?

Interpack 2023 will incorporate special digital services and initiatives. The SAVE FOOD campaign will be one of the included events. Interpack 2023 will also feature a reorganised event space. This will include the addition of the new Hall 1 and the South entrance. Such changes will aid in reducing the distances between the exhibition areas. They will also make interpack visits more efficient.  

Did you Know?

Interpack is a trade fair that enables participants to complete various business goals. One of them is to learn about the newest developments and trends. Further, they can expand and maintain their business networks. This includes identifying new suppliers/business partners and maintaining contact with existing ones. Additionally, interpack enables participants to begin the purchasing and procurement process. Gaining recognition is also an achievable goal. Examining the attending industries is likewise attainable by visiting interpack.

The trade show aids in completing these goals through its detailed event schedule. Participants can look forward to various sub-events. These range from the exhibition to the SAVE FOOD Congress. Among the valuable sub-events is the exposition. It displays the entire packaging range and value network. Manufacturing equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, components, and machinery are all featured. It also introduces the newest packaging types. Eight segments comprise the exhibition and are often known as the Innovative 8. The segments are:

  • Bakery

  • Beverages

  • Confectionary

  • Cosmetics

  • Food Industry

  • Industrial Goods

  • Non-Food

  • Pharmaceutics

Each segment showcases cutting-edge products related to the represented industry. For instance, at the Confectionary, attendees can examine confectionary packaging machines. Often, the wares on display reflect the latest trends and industry shifts. For example, the 2023 edition incorporates wares that reflect the digitalisation megatrend. It also includes examples of alternative packaging materials that are in high demand. The exhibition allows attendees to network, gain recognition and conduct on-site business. The exposition is often the hosting location for over 2,500 exhibiting companies. Leading and up-and-coming manufacturers, suppliers, providers, and purchasing agents are among them.

Interpack, furthermore, includes several other essential sub-events as well. Among them are:

  • SAVE FOOD Congress

  • Life without Packaging Conference

  • Industry 4.0

  • innovationparc

The SAVE FOOD Congress is an international congress held on the first day of the event. It gathers research organisations, associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), corporations, and science/political leaders. Furthermore, it allows them to discuss topics related to the Initiative. The subjects include food waste reduction, innovative packaging solutions, food preservation and others. The editions often feature prime questions such as one or more countries. For instance, the 2017 edition of the Congress featured as a primary subject, India. The Congress allows attendees to learn about new food conservation and packaging challenges. They can network and gain recognition at the same time.

The Conference Life without Packaging is a sub-event held for one day. It is a recent addition that focuses on a few topics:

  • Packaging

  • Sustainability

  • Environmental controversies

It examines each of these topics and their related subjects from various perspectives. Among them are the consumer, the business owner, and others.

Industry 4.0 offers insights into the latest Industry 4.0 trends, such as digitalisation. The sub-event presents infographics and wares related to Industry 4.0. Machine-to-machine communication is one topic discussed at the Special Show. The VDMA organises the Show.

Innovationparc discusses specific themes related to the future, such as food waste. The symposium features an exhibition where attendees present solutions to challenges. These include all sectors of the value chain, such as food processing. Additionally, a specialised showcase area displays detailed information about the topics. One such subject is the dimensions of international food losses. An example product, presented at innovationparc, is the PerfoLid packaging system. Innovationparc allows participants to learn about new challenges. They can also network and gain recognition.

Interpack is a must-attend for many professionals. These include:

  • General management specialists

  • Research and development or design experts

  • Manufacture, production, quality control specialists

  • Sales, distribution experts

  • Buying, procurement, purchasing specialists

  • Maintenance, repair experts

  • Advertising, marketing, and public relations experts

  • Logistics: material management, storage/warehouse, transport experts

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Interpack is a triennial trade fair held for 7 days or one week. Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is both the hosting venue and organiser.

Messe Düsseldorf is a large exhibition centre with reliable public transport links. This enables participants to access the venue from areas such as the major transportation hubs. Taking the 896 bus line, for example, allows you to reach the site from the Düsseldorf Airport in 13 minutes. Similarly, the U78 or U79 metro lines can transport you to the venue within 25 minutes of the central train station. The exhibition centre is close to many municipalities in the area. When travelling from your hotel to the site, this will allow you to save time. For example, the travel time between Cologne and Düsseldorf is 60 minutes.

Düsseldorf is a large metropolis with a wide range of lodging and dining options. Many districts feature guest houses, hotels, hostels, and apartments. You can also dine at various restaurants, brasseries, bars, clubs, and cafés. Alternatively, you can opt for many of the venue's food service areas. When considering suitable accommodation areas in Düsseldorf, opt for the Hafen district.

Audience and Statistics

A record number of companies contributed to the success of the 2017 edition. Messe Düsseldorf opened its doors to 2,860 exhibitors from 55 countries and 170,899 visitors from 169 countries. An additional 943 accredited journalists from 48 countries also attended the fair.

Among the attending countries were:

  • Italy

  • Netherlands

  • Turkey

  • United Kingdom

  • Spain

  • Japan

  • India

  • Belgium

  • Switzerland

  • France

  • Brazil

  • Argentina

  • USA

  • Canada

  • China

  • Russia

  • Egypt

  • Mexico

  • Australia

  • Lithuania

The edition also marked several new statistic turnouts for the event. For instance, 63% of the attendees were decision-makers. Around 75% of the participants occupy senior or top management positions. Approximately 98% of the visitors conducted the fair successful business transactions. Furthermore, 59% of the participants found new suppliers. Due to such statistics, 96% of all attendees would recommend interpack to others.

Past Editions


Interpack 2017 marked a new statistic and turnout record. The event, held between 04.05.2917 and 10.05.2017 at Messe Dusseldorf, received 2.865 exhibitors and 170,500 visitors. The edition featured representatives from 169 countries, with 74% of participants being decision-makers. Among the top trends of the event were Digitalisation, Sustainability, and Industry 4.0.


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