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( 8 October 2025 - 15 October 2025 )
Venue: Messe Düsseldorf
Location: Germany , Düsseldorf

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Update For K MESSE

K Messe will discuss the future of sustainable plastics manufacturing in 2025. Messe Düsseldorf GmbH has announced that preparations for a face-to-face edition in Messe Düsseldorf are underway. Programming will run from 08.10.2025 to 15.10.2025. At present, the venue does not have strict Covid-19 safety measures in place due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions.

K MESSE’s letter of introduction

Founded in 1952, K MESSE acts as the central trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. It is a leading networking platform for discussing the newest industry challenges. It also serves as the sector's largest procurement platform and presentation stage. This is due to K MESSE occurring once every three years in Messe Düsseldorf. This allows exhibitors to develop novel products that attract an impressive visitor group. The trade fair most often takes place for eight days in October. This provides attendees with the opportunity to examine the markets and potential competitors. They can also expand their professional network and learn about the latest technological breakthroughs. The trade fair receives a diverse range of attendees. Often, the turnover rate exceeds 220,000 participants.

Exhibitors and visitors of K MESSE

K MESSE is the central procurement and meeting stage for a diverse range of industries. This is because of the many uses rubber and plastic products have. The attending sectors include:

  • ICT

  • Sports

  • Leisure

  • Packaging

  • Distribution

  • Medical technology

  • Photovoltaics

  • Electronics

  • Vehicle construction

  • Chemicals

  • Plastic and rubber manufacturing

  • Machinery construction

  • Aerospace

  • Electrotechnology

  • Construction

  • Precision engineering

  • Optics

  • Energy technology

  • Agriculture

  • Trade

  • Services

  • Education

  • Craft

  • Media

Attendees represent six continents, including Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania and Africa. The largest defined markets are Europe and Asia.

The leading exhibitors of the fair include Milliken, Wittmann Group and Kautex Group. Attendees can also meet Fluorseals, the NOVA Chemicals Corporation and Ravago. Among the exhibitors are also REA Elektronik and Acme Rolltech Private Limited. They further include the Belgian Monitoring Systems bv BMSvision. The Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (North Dakota State University) also attends. So do the Centre of Polymer Systems (Tomas Bata University in Zlin) and ECON GmbH.

Changes K MESSE will undergo for its 2022 edition

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, K MESSE 2022 will be held as a hybrid event. The edition will include an online stand building portal. This will allow exhibitors to execute their stand construction from a distance. Additionally, the website will feature online services that promote the enhanced digital presence of the exhibiting companies.

Information about K MESSE's schedule and goals

Participants should consider attending K MESSE to complete a few important goals. This includes learning about or presenting new trends and developments. They can also expand and maintain their business networks. This includes attendees contacting existing business partners and identifying new ones. Attendants can also start purchasing decisions/orders. Further, participants can raise brand awareness and gain recognition at K MESSE. Over-viewing the attending industries is also an achievable goal.

K MESSE can aid with such goals because of its compact yet comprehensive programme. It features a diverse and detailed range of sub-events. These are often hosted as part of the themes. These vary for each rendition and are influenced by the current industry megatrends. For instance, the 2022 edition features three topics. These are Circular Economy, Digitalisation, and Climate Protection. Often, the themes include two or more focus topics. For example, the Circular Economy comprises two subjects - Recycling and Bioplastics.

These reflect the essential aspects of the theme. Among the need to improve recycling practices as much as possible. They also reflect the need to create new materials. Digitalisation also includes two focus topics - networked value chain and platform economy. These represent the need to design digital monitoring and production systems. Climate Protection featured four focus topics:

  • lightweight construction

  • electromobility

  • water management

  • renewable energies

The themes are often reflected in the comprehensive exhibition. For instance, one rendition featured the themes as sub-categories. This included the Raw Materials and Auxiliaries category. It featured four subdivisions, including the circular economy one. The other sub-categories are lifecycle thinking, biopolymers, and functional polymers. Likewise, the semifinished products, technical parts, and reinforced plastics category incorporate four subdivisions. These are sustainability, composites, lightweight construction, and surface finishing. Similarly, the machinery and equipment category embodies the themes through its sub-categories. The incorporated subdivisions are:

  • KI and IoT

  • integrated and efficient production processes

  • sustainable production

Each section showcases the wares of a specific group of participants. For instance, the raw materials division features several specialist companies. Among them are ones that focus on polymer research and raw/auxiliary materials. Such includes manufacturers, processing enterprises, research centres and others. Likewise, the semifinished products category features exhibitors related to several industries. Among them are mobility, electronics, medical technology, electrical engineering, construction and packaging. This includes manufacturers of technical parts, distributors and other such specialists.

The machinery division often features engineers and software specialists. This includes ones that present innovations related to energy and material efficiency. The exhibition sub-event also incorporates a category known as "services, research, science". It is the area where R&D specialists and institutes present their innovations. This includes new best practices, research results, potential material sources, and new machines.

The exhibition also includes a specialised area for start-ups. This is known as the Start-up Zone. It allows participants to present themselves to the industry and network. Furthermore, it permits start-ups to showcase their innovative wares to target attendees. To take part as start-ups, attendees have to fulfil a few criteria. These include the company being less than ten years old. They must also have less than 100 workers and an annual turnover of less than 10 million EUR.

K MESSE also features a few other relevant sub-events. Among them is the Science Campus. This is a dedicated forum for various science-related attendees. Among them are representatives of universities, colleges, institutes and research centres. This allows participants to network and learn about the latest developments or challenges. The Campus supports participants in gaining recognition and expanding their expert knowledge. Similar in its intent and purpose is the VDMA Circular Economy Forum. It is a specialist forum that discusses topics related to the circular economy. This includes the latest recycling challenges, new sustainable materials, and others. An example topic is how the sustainable plastics industry will develop in the future. They also incorporate upcycling technology for quality plastic recycling.

K MESSE also includes as part of its event schedule special shows. These are shows dedicated to the latest megatrends and leading industry issues. For instance, two renditions featured the special show Plastics shape the future. The presentation described the effects of digitalisation and renewable energies. This includes incorporating formats that detail the latest challenges and solutions. Such includes issues related to health, the environment, plastics, and sustainability. The schedule comprises lectures, dialogues with stakeholders, and exhaustive study cases.

It is not uncommon for K MESSE to incorporate new sub-events. For instance, the 2022 edition of the event featured the novel K-Talk. This is a series of web talks that consist of live discussions. During these debates, attendees can learn about best practices or future strategies. They can furthermore learn about new technological innovations and critical challenges. These feature leading industry experts discussing various topics. Often, the subjects reflect the current themes. For instance, one session discussed digitalisation. During the talk, Guido Marschall discussed the upcoming digitalisation industry changes. This includes which trends will influence the sector and what opportunities will arise.

K MESSE can be beneficial for various professionals. This includes specialists such as:

  • Technicians

  • Managers

  • Manufacturers

  • Suppliers

  • Distributors

  • Machine operators

  • Engineers

  • Purchasing agents

  • Team assemblers

  • Material handlers

  • Product designers

  • Machine inspectors

  • Specialist trade experts

  • R&D experts

  • Chemists

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Research centres

K MESSE - facts and target audiences

K MESSE is a trade fair that often receives more than 220,000 participants. For instance, the 2019 edition attracted 3,330 exhibitors from 63 countries and 225,000 visitors from 168 countries. Among the attending nations were:

  • Croatia

  • Slovakia

  • Portugal

  • Mexico

  • Brunei

  • Bulgaria

  • USA

  • Oman

  • Turkey

  • China

  • India

  • Nigeria

  • Switzerland

  • Germany

  • South Korea

  • Canada

  • Israel

  • Czech Republic

  • Cyprus

  • Denmark

  • United Arab Emirates

  • New Zealand

  • Vietnam

  • France

  • Taiwan

  • Slovenia

  • Qatar

The event often attracts machinery and equipment manufacturers, technical parts and semi-finished product providers. The trade show also features top decision-makers, engineers, industry associations, scientists, universities and R&D departments. Sectors that attend the fair include construction, agricultural, packaging, electrical, automotive, medical, and chemical. The statistics of the trade fair confirm its leading role in the industry. For instance, 94% of the exhibitors expressed high satisfaction with visitor quality, and 96% plan to visit the next rendition. Furthermore, 76% of visitors have direct involvement in purchasing decisions, and 73% represent foreign countries. 97% of participants would recommend attending K MESSE.

What transpired in previous editions?


The 2019 edition of K MESSE was held between 16.10.2019 and 23.10.2019 at Messe Düsseldorf. The net exhibition space of the edition was 177,059 m2, with the area being occupied by 3,300 exhibitors from 63 countries. The edition furthermore received 224,116 trade visitors, with 73% of them representing foreign countries. 

Logistics concerning the venue, event, and city

The triennial K MESSE takes place for 8 days, with the hosting month being October. Messe Düsseldorf GmbH serves as both the organiser and hosting location for the trade fair. All eight event days have opening hours between 10 am and 6:30 pm.

The venue known as Messe Düsseldorf is easily accessible by public transport. For example, you can reach the convention centre by taxi, metro, or railway. Commute times will vary based on your method of public transport and departing location. For instance, when travelling from the airport, you can arrive at the site in 18 minutes by metro. When travelling from the central train station, you can access the locale in 25 minutes via the same method of transportation. Should you opt to travel by car, the distances will require 10 and 20 minutes. In addition, the site is close to cities like Cologne. When travelling by car or public transportation, the A57 highway, for instance, allows you to reach the location in an hour.

Restaurants, hotels, hostels, and cafés are among the many convenient dining and lodging options in Düsseldorf. There are also many feasible guest houses, nightclubs, apartments, and bars. Due to the city's notoriety as a tourism destination, such alternatives are available. Most of the city's neighbourhoods, like Friedrichstadt, offer accommodation and dining options. You can also choose to stay or dine in a few surrounding communities, like Cologne or Solingen.

Your Hotel Room in Düsseldorf

It is essential to book a suitable hotel for your business trip. It can influence the outcome of your business trip and visit to K MESSE. Finding suitable lodging, on the other hand, can be time-consuming and challenging. This is especially noticeable if you have extant tasks to do. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd can assist you in making the undertaking easier and allowing you to concentrate on the remaining aspects of your preparation. Among these are the search for suitable business partners. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd will work with you to find hotels that meet your specific requirements during the consultation. These properties include those that are in an excellent location and within your budget. Hotels near Messe Dusseldorf are examples of such accommodation. These accommodations are ideal because they reduce travel times. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd has also worked with groups of twenty or more people, so do not be reluctant to inquire about such bookings. Our registration process will take only a day, and we will take care of all the details for you. We can also help you with logistics like airport transfers and rent-a-car.

Past Editions


K MESSE 2022 exceeded the expectations of organisers. It was held between 19.10.2022 and 26.10.2022 in Messe Dusseldorf and did not feature Covid-19 safety measures due to the country removing its pandemic-related restrictions. Over 3,000 exhibitors from 60 countries and 176,000 visitors from 157 nations attended the edition. 70% of the visitors were from abroad and represented top or middle management. 98% of the attendees achieved their goals during K MESSE 2022.





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