About us

A plane ticket is a key to the world – we guide you to the four corners with the click of a button.

Based in Ireland, Travel 2 Fairs does just as it promises. We take you to any industry event around the world. Travel 2 Fairs has one goal in mind: to make your business trip a breeze to plan. Our database represents over 800 worldwide events that are as broad in their scopes like food and home goods to specialized events concerning leather goods, plastics and dental medicine.

In an ever more global market, it’s up to businesses to declare to the world they’re here and ready to lead! We assist and prepare you for this journey – select your hotel, arrange your airport transfer and advise you on local public transport. The main services in our portfolio include:

  • Hotel Reservations: On our pages, you’ll find hotel listings in every major and minor city around Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern America and the Middle East – all 12,700 entries to make your stay memorable no matter where you are! Every single one is carefully selected.
  • Plane Tickets: Once you tell us which trade fair you’re after, we’ll know exactly what the best airlines and flight paths are suitable for you. We can create a service bundle where the flights and check-in are coordinated for you.
  • Assistance with Logistics: How do you wish to reach your hotel once you land? We can supply a rent-a-car if you’re a small group, or we can secure a private or shared airport transfer option to deliver to your hotel’s front steps. All booked easily in advance so you don’t have to think about a single thing. Our services also extend to helping you navigate the local public transport and assisting with the logistical work and setup of your booth at the event!
  • Conference Rooms: Another thing Travel 2 Fairs ltd can do for you is arrange for meeting facilities with A/V presentation equipment for when you have to hold partner meetings or make a presentation to prospect buyers. If the need arises, we’re more than capable to meet the challenge and are flexible when it comes to the size of the facilities.

We are committed to your wellbeing, comfort and financial success.

This means a bespoke service taking into account your individual taste, budget and needs. We have done this for a while and can proudly say that there are over 800,000 companies in our client list that have trusted us to guide them to success. What’s the secret of our success? There are several reasons:

  • We optimise the booking process – what has taken weeks to plan and perfect we condense and deliver in mere days. We rely on powerful algorithms to arrive at the best hotels and plan everything else so seamlessly that you don’t feel the trip from the airport to your hotel room.
  • We cut costs – we have a strong grasp over pricing and deals going on in the industry, so we are able to diminish expenses without a compromise on quality. That’s the key to our success and you’ll find that with fewer costs, there’s a higher ROI on your business trip.
  • We save time – on your end, the most you have to do is tell us which event, how much time you’ll be in the city and how much you want to pay. Travel 2 Fairs ltd handles the rest of the planning, which frees up time and resources on your end to work on what’s important for your company. In this sense, we’ve saved you countless work hours.
    We are 24/7 – there is always someone working on your account. You can send questions at any moment and expect a swift response. We’re also there for you when you need real-time advice and assistance once you land.
  • Flexible Payment Options – we make sure to meet you halfway when it comes to how you pay. We accept bank transfers and all major credit card providers recognized around the world. In addition, we also make it possible for you to pay with PayPal.

Business travel has a new face in Travel 2 Fairs ltd. Upgrade how you experience the world and how the world experiences your business with a bespoke service bundle tailored to your brand.