(21 June 2023 - 25 June 2023 )
Venue: Messe Frankfurt
Location: Germany , Frankfurt am Main

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Covid-19 Update

Eurobike 2023 will take place from June 21st until June 25th at Messe Frankfurt. Organisers assure that the venue will follow the latest state guidelines regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. At present, the country does not have domestic restrictions or travel limitations pertaining to the coronavirus. This is due to the improving pandemic situation. As a result, attendees will not be required to follow safety protocols such as presenting 3G entry documents upon arrival. They will be encouraged to follow recommendable steps, such as maintaining a social distance.  

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Eurobike is the leading trade fair for the global bike industry. It is the central hub for professionals from the sector and its related industries. The event provides ample opportunities for attendees to network and conduct business. The fair also gathers professionals and the public in one location. This enables professionals to interact and network with potential customers. The annual trade show at present occurs at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 

Business profile of the event

Eurobike attracts a diverse group of professionals from the bike industry. These include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service providers, importers, exporters and R&D specialists. It also includes industries such as health, sporting goods, apparel, and media. Attendants include all sections of the supply chain. Among them are complete bikes, accessories, tools, clothing, helmets and repair equipment. It also includes various apps, software and hardware for electronic bikes. The public also attends the trade fair. Happy Scoot, BOSCH, ASI and Niner Bikes are among the companies that exhibit at the show. 

Did you know? 

Eurobike enables professionals and the public to complete certain goals. Industry specialists can gain recognition, network and learn about the latest trends. They can also conduct business on-site, and expand their specialist knowledge. The public can find at the fair a potential new supplier for their needs and examine the latest products. 

Eurobike has a comprehensive event programme which allows it to complete such goals. This includes the Bike Biz Revolution - Conference for Visionaries. It is a conference where professionals from all branches can discuss topics. Attendants of the conference include manufacturers, retailers, company managers, suppliers, and others. The event often includes topics such as supply chain, new markets, and mobility. Often, the Bike Biz Revolution takes place on the first day of the trade show. 

One of the main event days in the schedule is the Start-up & Innovation Day. It is an event day dedicated in its entirety to start-ups and innovators in the industry. During the day, such professionals can take part in various sub-events. The Day often takes place at a dedicated special exhibition area known as the Start-up Area. The Day often contains a focus topic for its current edition. For example, the 2021 rendition focused on Hardware innovations and new mobility concepts. 

The day features several sub-events. This includes a meeting during which attendees learn about the current market state. Another meeting addresses the current challenges. The meeting features entrepreneurs explaining in detail the issues overcome during their project. The conference aspect of the Day also focuses on funding and financing. Additionally, focus topics include hardware. 

The Start-up and Innovation Day also contains an opportunity to gain recognition. This is via the Eurobike Award ceremony. This is an award that lauds international novel designs. The award features several categories related to new models, equipment, apparel and others. The Day also contains several sections where professionals can transfer knowledge and network. This includes a lunch break and the exhibition area. 

Eurobike also allows bike industry professionals and media representatives to network. This takes place during the Travel Talk sub-event. During the discussion, attendees can review the latest trends and innovations. This includes the recent developments related to the sector and tourism. Travel Talk attracts professionals such as journalists, bloggers, tour guides, manufacturers and others. Like the Bike Biz Revolution, Travel Talk also features a focus topic for each edition. The 2021 rendition for example discussed micro-adventures with and around bikes. 

The Eurobike Academy is also among the leading sub-events in the programme. It is the location for expanding one’s specialist knowledge by discussing trends. The Academy consists of various workshops, seminars and talks led by renowned experts. It is the meeting location for retailers, manufacturers, development managers and bike technicians. Subjects include bike trade retail, marketing, the latest developments, and digital trends. 

Eurobike’s support programme and exhibition grounds often contain special areas. These tend to focus on various trends and innovations or sectors of the industry. For example, the Cargo Area focuses on cargo bikes and topics related to them. These include market development, standards, safety, sharing, passenger transport, and others. At the area, attendees can learn about the newest concepts and models. It is also the location for examining various initiatives and projects. 

Another special area which can be of interest is the Holiday on Bike. It is the location for learning about bike travel and tourism. The area allows attendees to learn about the bike travel market. This includes bike regions, hotels and cyclist travel programmes. This allows visitors seeking a new holiday destination to learn about available options. The area is the exhibition location for exhibitors such as tour operators. 

The Service Area tends to be of high value to bike retailers. It is the location for presenting products and services that improve marketability. The area also serves as the location for such professionals to discuss topics. Among them are merchandise management, logistics concepts, and digital sales platforms. Subjects of discussion also include insurance services, anti-theft security and ergonomics consultation. The area additionally provides a services lounge. At the lounge, attendants can use various services such as in-depth consultations. A rather recent addition to the area is a series of talks. During the presentations, exhibitors can provide updates about the latest issues and developments.

The Eurobike Blogger Base is another special area of high interest. It is the meeting location for bloggers, media representatives and industry professionals. It receives support from both the organisers of the fair as well as the Wriders’ Club. The area allows bloggers and media representatives to network with industry members. This allows them to increase brand awareness by providing information on their blogs. The area also includes the Eurobike Walk & Meet. During the Walk & Meet, media representatives can visit select exhibitors at their stands. This enables discussions with manufacturers and learning about new products.

The Demo Area is among the popular areas of Eurobike. It is the zone for examining the latest models of bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes and others. The zone consists of the streets, open grounds and paths surrounding the venue. These become the test grounds for visitors to try models before making purchases. 

The Kids Area is quite popular with children visiting the fair. It is where children can take part in different fun activities. Among them is the Balance Bike track, and the Bicycle Creativity Workshop. Another area that attracts the attention of the public is the Action Area. It is where such visitors can watch professionals perform various stunts. This includes BMX Freestyle Park performances, Trial shows, and BMX Flatland showcases. 

The Roadbike & Performance Area is a zone worth examining before or after the Action Area. It is where visitors can examine a broad range of road bikes. These include novel models, weight optimisation options, new pieces of technology and others. The area often includes both leading experts and athletes as guest stars. The Gravel & Adventure Area is also worth examining before or after the Action Area. It is the location for exploring gravel bikes and bike packing destinations. This includes the latest models of gravel bike and bike packs as well as ways to aid self-support racing. 

Quite often, Eurobike’s special areas receive new additions. One such novel format is the E-Mobility area. It is the location for examining new technologies related to e-bikes and scooters. Such include innovative energy storage in the form of novel battery technology. It also features new drive technology which uses sophisticated control units. Additionally, professionals visiting the area can also learn about sharing and fleet management. The E-Cycling Area is another recent addition. It is a zone dedicated to e-cycling in all its diversity. This features aspects like international routes, competitions, trends, developments, models, apps, and suppliers.

Eurobike is a must-attend for professionals working in the bike industry. This includes manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service providers, importers, exporters, and suppliers. It can also be valuable to industries such as health, sporting goods, apparel, and media.

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Eurobike is an annual trade show that often takes place for 5 days. Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH and Messe Frankfurt GmbH organise the event at Messe Frankfurt. Visiting hours tend to be between 9 am and 6 pm for all event days. 

Messe Frankfurt is a venue with a central and convenient location. For example, the exhibition grounds are a-4-minute-metro-commute from the central railway station. Likewise, the venue is a 15-minute-bus-commute from Frankfurt Airport. You can also reach Messe Frankfurt from nearby cities. This includes communities such as Offenbach, which is a 36-minute journey by bus and metro. Likewise, from the centre of Bad Vilbel to the messe, the commute by bus would take 26 minutes. Frankfurt has a diverse range of accommodations. This includes hotels, hostels, apartments and guest houses.

The metropolis also contains over 1,000 restaurants, bars and other eateries. When considering neighbourhoods to stay in, opt for Bockenheim, Sachhenhausen and others. As an alternative, you can stay in one of the nearby cities such as Offenbach, Bad Vilbel or Steinbach. This will not provide inconvenience due to the city's extensive public transport connections. Said links include intercity links such as buses, trains and metros. Such public transport connections enable reaching the various districts and cities with ease. For instance, by embarking on the S8 or S9 line, you can reach Frankfurt’s city centre from the airport in 17 minutes. 

Audience and Statistics

Eurobike is a high-profile event that attracts a large group of attendants. For instance, its 2019 edition included over 1,400 exhibitors and over 60,000 visitors. This includes a total of 1,345 journalists and 39,834 trade visitors. The event draws over 99 nations as attendants. Among them are Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, and China. Japan, Belgium, Canada, France, Finland, Hungary, India, Israel, and New Zealand also attend. So do South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, and the UK. Attendees represent several industries. Among the leading ones are sporting goods, apparel, media, health and the bike industry. The public also attends the fair during the last 2 days. 

Past Editions

2021 Edition

The 2021 edition included the Holiday on Bike special zone, taking place for 2 days rather than the usual 1 day. It also included the addition of the E-cycling Area within the Road Bike & Performance Area. More new additions took place during the Festival Days. Among them was the Drop and Roll Show with trail stars Danny MacAskill, John Langlois and Duncan Shaw. Said Days also included the BMX Show Contest “Lord of the Lake”. The Contest featured an evening highlight — the Best Trick Contest. During the Best Trick, international BMX riders battled it out. The BMX Flatland Shows also took place during the Festival Days. It featured leading stars, such as the 2019 urban cycling Champion Dominik Nekolny. The Eurobike Awards also provided a new change. A total of 36 nominated products received the prize. This included 7 gold medallists and 6 start-ups.

2022 Edition

The 2022 edition of Eurobike featured several new changes. It took place in Messe Frankfurt. “Sports Meets Mobility” was the motto of Eurobike 2022. Messe Frankfurt GmbH served as a partner organiser from 2022 onward. The first three days of the show were reserved for meetings between professionals. The remaining 2 days, hosted during the weekend, were reserved for the retail customer fair. Said fair had several complements, including formats that provided first-hand experience. Staples such as Eurobike Academy also returned in enhanced formats. Eurobike's first Frankfurt edition surpassed organisers' high expectations. It had a higher participation rate than the 2021 edition. There were 33,780 visitors and 27,370  enthusiasts from 105 nations. 1,177 media professionals from 34 countries also attended the event. Over 1,500 exhibitors from 59 nations did as well. This, together with the excellent visitor satisfaction ratings, re-affirmed the event's significance. 93 per cent of participants deemed the 2022 edition outstanding.


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