COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Berlin

Upcoming Dates

Transport technology is still undergoing major changes and for the latest news, innovations and trends in the realms of railway and public transport, head over to InnoTrans. Scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany, the international trade fair brings in close to 3000 exhibitors representing the entire spectrum of products, equipment and machinery. Attendance is also healthy with early reports placing predictions of nearly 145,000 trade visitors. Jump in on early hotel deals and discounts with Travel 2 Fairs ltd. We’re here to get you an online hotel reservation for trade fairs tailored to your tastes and budget.

Your business travel arrangements can be made in a single day, if you work with Travel 2 Fairs. Our team has access to all the apartments, hostels and hotels in Berlin in every price category and in every district. Whether you want to be located right next to the venue and expenses don’t matter or you’d prefer a more affordable stay in the outskirts, we deliver. This way you can focus on the in-depth program at InnoTrans. The exhibit sectors cover railway technology, railway infrastructure, public transport, interiors and tunnel construction. It’s the ideal launch pad for new solutions.