( 1 June 2026 - 6 June 2026 )
Location: Germany , Hannover
Organizer: Deutsche Messe AG

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Interschutz 2026 will take place between 01.06.2026 and 06.06.2026. The event will occur as a live event in Messe Hannover. The venue does not have strict Covid-19 safety measures due to the country lifting its domestic restrictions. Neither does Germany have at present travel limitations. 

Calling Card

Interschutz is an important event for the safety and security industry. It gathers in one location firefighting, rescue service, civil protection and security specialists. This is due to the fair showcasing the latest innovations related to these sectors. Furthermore, the fair allows professionals to hone their skills and gain knowledge. Additionally, it is a leading location for gaining recognition and networking. Founded in 1966, Interschutz takes place once every five years. Its hosting location is the Hannover Fairground. 

Business Profile of the Event

Because of its importance, Interschutz attracts many professionals. Such include rescue service providers and specialists, firefighters, and civil protection personnel. It also includes professionals such as security system installers, manufacturers, and maintenance staff. Furthermore, attendees include rescue/emergency/first-aid/(para)medical equipment distributors, providers, and producers. Interschutz also attracts producers/providers/distributors of fire extinguishing technology, PPEs, and vehicles. Safety supervisors and HSE managers also attend the fair. So do fire marshals, safety specialists, fire lookouts and forest fire inspectors. Additionally, Interschutz receives professionals such as safety specialists, technicians, officers, advisors, and coordinators. Fire safety officers, security consultants, managers, and officers attend as well. So do fire investigators, forest fire-prevention specialists and emergency medical technicians.

Paramedics, emergency, and fire management service staff attend to learn the latest tactics. Likewise, public safety telecommunications specialists visit to learn about the latest innovations. Security project engineers and C-suite executives and associates also attend the fair. Many industry-related associations and organisations visit Interschutz. So do universities, colleges, and vocation schools attend. Such include the German Fire Protection Association. It also includes the German Fire Service Association and the German Engineering Federation. Exhibitors include Gumotex, American Pacific Corporation and Bristol Uniforms Ltd.

Did You Know? 

Interschutz enables professionals to network, hone their professional skills and expand their knowledge. Furthermore, it allows attendees to learn about the latest innovations and conduct business. Also, the trade show enables professionals in particular start-ups to gain recognition. The fair can help professionals in achieving such aims by providing various opportunities. Such include meeting potential customers or partners and attending different lectures. 

Interschutz features a comprehensive support programme that spans a total of six days. Each edition features a central theme or motto that influences the event topics. For instance, the 2022 motto is “Teams, Tactics, Technology — Connected for Protection and Rescue”. This theme focuses on connectedness, digitalisation and collaboration. This includes showcasing the latest breakthroughs and applications related to digitalisation. It also includes presenting solutions to collaboration challenges encountered by organisations and institutions. Among the central sub-events to take place during Interschutz is the comprehensive exhibition. It showcases fire fighting, civil protection, safety, security, and rescue services innovations. It serves as the central procurement platform for many organisations. The exhibition is also among the main presentation stages for many start-ups. This is due to the expo allowing them to gain recognition, network, and conduct business. The exhibition features different exhibition topics with main themes and special events. This helps to make finding specific products, topics, or events easier. The exhibition topics featured at the exhibition are:

  • Civil Protection

  • Fire Fighting

  • Communications & Control Centre Solutions

  • Rescue Services

  • Protective Equipment

  • Fire Prevention

  • Transformation & Digitalisation

Each of the exhibition topics is available in a different hall or set of halls. Civil protection for instance is in hall 17. It is the presentation stage for the latest disaster management mobilisation solutions. Such include emergency accommodation and sanitation products such as mobile power supplies. It also includes other products such as equipment for disaster relief. Its main themes are: 

  • Vehicles and their equipment

  • Equipment for technical support and disaster relief

  • Associations, organisations, and service businesses 

Fire Fighting presents firefighting vehicles, equipment, hardware, software, and R&D solutions. Such include digital technologies and connected operations. The main themes of this topic are: 

  • Vehicles and their equipment

  • Technology and agents for putting out fires

  • Workshop and fire station equipment

  • Service companies, associations, organisations

The Communication & Control Centre Solutions topic is available in Hall 16. It presented wares related to security equipment, control stations, signalling technologies and others. The main themes and presented wares include:

  • Security equipment

  • Control station and signalling technology

  • Control and surveillance equipment

  • Mechanical security technology

  • Hardware and software

  • Information and organization systems

  • Associations, organisations, service providers

Rescue Services is in halls 17 and 26. It is the main showcasing area for the latest emergency-sector products. It includes the themes and ware categories:

  • Vehicles and their equipment

  • Rescue, emergency, first-aid, and (para)medical equipment

  • Associations, organisations, and service businesses 

The Protective Equipment topic is available in halls 14,11 and 15. It showcases smart textile and integrated communication solutions for fire/civil protection PPE. Furthermore, it overlaps to some degree with the Communication topic. This is due to some themes and presented ware categories being identical:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Measuring and detection apparatus
  • Fire station and workshop equipment
  • Associations, organisations, service providers

Fire Prevention is available at halls 12 and 13. The topic showcases fire prevention solutions from planning to implementation. It often features the themes and categories: 

  • Structural engineering, technical fire and building protection

  • Associations, organisations, and service businesses 

As mentioned, the exhibition topics of areas also contain a variety of special events. These enable professionals to expand their specialist knowledge, gain recognition and network. They additionally enable them to hone their specialist skills. For instance, the Civil Protection exhibition area features the sub-events:

  • Summit for the Rescue Services and Civil Protection 

  • CP or Civil Protection Symposium

The Summit is an important event for civil protection experts. It is among the leading locations for discussions, networking and gaining recognition. It is also among the main meeting sites for medical rescuers and disaster managers. During the Summit, attendees can learn via 20-minute lectures the latest information about: 

  • Rescue vehicle standards

  • Emergency Vehicle decontamination

  • Training-purpose VR simulation developments

  • Resilience training of relief units in critical situations

  • Integrated risk management

  • Summit Rescue Services & Civil Protection

The lectures take place in German or English. 

The CP Symposium takes place for two days at the Civil Protection exhibition area. It is an event that consists of presentations and sessions. It consists of several presentations and lectures which take place between 10 am and 12:30 pm. The symposium features a theme during its editions that influence the key topics. For instance, the 2022 edition features the theme “Transcending Borders”. It features topics like cross-border disaster relief cooperation and extreme weather condition management. The event is co-organised with Beta-Verlag, publisher of “Crisis Prevention (CP)”. Before the lectures begin, professionals will have a shared lunch. During lunch, they will meet representatives of civil protection companies. These include providers of vehicles, technologies, and services related to the sector. The topics vary from cross-border disaster situation cooperation to civil protection challenges. The Symposium is ideal for public-sector authority/agency leaders and aid organisation decision-makers. Attendees need to register to take part in the symposium.

The Special events that take place at the Fire Fighting exhibition topic area are: 

  • Live demonstrations at the Demonstration Site

  • Partner Country Days staged by France, Italy, and the USA

  • The German Firefighting Convention

  • Digitalisation & Transformation

The Demonstration Site allows firefighting and rescue service professionals to show their skills. It is a live outdoor location where demos, scenarios, and action sequences take place. These vary from firefighting instances through technical support service to rescue service shows. The demonstrations take place between 10 am and 6 pm at the specialised site north of Hall 26. The Partner Country Days showcase how countries perform rescue services or fire fighting. This includes details about the organisation, techniques, and tactics used during forest fires. The showcased country presents via demonstrations how they perform such tasks. The German Firefighting Convention is a central dialogue hub for German fire departments. It contains sub-events that target young people, Central European cooperation and civic involvement. This includes lectures, presentations, and other such micro-events. The Convention also serves as a forum where firefighters meet with government policymakers. 

There are additionally competitions that allow professionals to gain recognition and hone skills. These include the FireFit European Championships and S-Gard Safety Tour. The FireFit European Championships is an important competition for fire service sector professionals. It tests the strength, speed, fitness level and mental capabilities of firefighters. The FireFit Championships take place on all six days of the fair between 9 am and 5 pm. They take place in the open-air area in front of the East Entrance stairs. During the first four days, qualification tests take place. During each day a medal ceremony occurs honouring the winners for the day. The team formats are individual, tandem, and relay format (teams of up to five contestants). The types of tests included in the Championships are:

  • Stair Climb (HAIX stair tower consisting of three flights, with the tower being 12 metres high)

  • Hose Hoist and Stair Descent

  • Forcible Entry (conducted via the use of a state-of-the-art chopping simulator)

  • Run and Hose Advance

  • Victim Rescue

Among the represented companies that take part is Betriebssportverband (BSV) Hannover e.V. 

Another contest that hones skills and grants recognition is the S-Gard Safety Tour. It is a training course that features live operational scenarios. Each scenario takes place in as realistic conditions as possible. Attendees have to enrol in a team of eight participants and compete against others. The S-Gard Tour takes place twice per event day. The event format in the morning can be beneficial for firefighters. The afternoon one is ideal for rescue workers, emergency medicine rescuers, and firefighters. To take part, attendees must meet the following conditions:

  • They must have a finished basic firefighting and respiratory protection training course.

  • They must also have a valid G 26.3 

  • Rescue personnel must have a completed training course on performing rescues. They also must carry shoes, a helmet, and gloves. 

The morning programme includes six scenarios, these are:

  • Handling hazardous substance leaks

  • Handling flammable substances that have leaked on railway premises

  • INTERSCHUTZ Pyramid: foam contamination alarm

  • Opening windows and doors when trapped in a building 

  • Steps to take after successful respiratory emergency rescue 

  • Rescuing people using hydraulic equipment

The afternoon programme includes four scenarios:

  • Rescuing a trapped under a bus or truck person (conducted as two separate scenarios)

  • Rescuing a child trapped in a sandpit

  • Rescuing a person with severe burns during an explosion accident

Interschutz often features special shows that reflect the current trends. An example of such an event is the Digitalisation & transformation special show. The event focuses on challenges such as how megacities affect civil protection. It also presents solutions and innovations that improve safety and security industry collaboration. Another such show is the Hygiene Sector Get-together. It discusses subjects such as PPE cleaning, decontamination, re-usability and disposal. 

Interschutz is a must-attend for safety and security industry professionals. Such include industry-related associations such as the German Fire Service Association. It also includes universities, colleges, vocational schools, training and educational centres. Likewise, personal protection personnel should consider attending. The fair is a must-attend for firefighters. Such include professional, voluntary, corporate/facility work, airport, and port fire fighting personnel. It also includes fire marshals, lookouts, safety officers, inspectors, and first-line supervisors. Fire management service staff and forest fire inspectors should also attend. Armed forces firefighters, fire investigators, and fire service suppliers should additionally visit. Civil protection service experts should not overlook attending. Such feature safety supervisors, coordinators, managers, officers, advisors, specialists, and consultants. It also includes public safety telecommunication experts and operators. Security specialists and staff should likewise consider attending Interschutz. Such encompass security system installers, maintenance staff, operators, consultants, managers, and officers. It also incorporates security products manufacturers, developers, integrators, and distributors.

Security project engineers and chief security officers should not overlook attending. Advisors related to corporate, facility, or protective security should consider visiting. Corporate security analysts and managers should opt to visit the fair. Chief security officers, and HSE managers, should not overlook attending Interschuitz. Likewise, safety and security Directors and Heads of departments should consider visiting. Such include assistant/associate directors and heads of global security services. Emergency rescue and rescue service professionals should additionally consider attending. Such include professional, voluntary, and military emergency rescuers and service providers. It also encompasses rescue/emergency/first-aid/paramedical equipment distributors, providers, or manufacturers. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics should not overlook attending as well. Building planners and architects can gain valuable insights during their attendance. The fair often receives representatives of various government departments and municipalities. 

Start-ups should look forward to the exhibition and its topic area sub-events. They should also consider taking part in the Guided Tours. 

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Interschutz is a trade show that takes place for six days once every five years. Deutsche Messe AG organises the event at the Hannover Fairground. Several partners also host some sub-events, such as the German Fire Brigade Association. The opening hours for all six days of the fair is between 9 am and 6 pm. 

The Hannover Fairground has a convenient location. This is due to the fairground being close to the airport and central station. Travelling to the exhibition centre via public transport tends to be time-saving. For example, you can arrive at the site from Hannover Airport in an hour via public transport. For the task, peruse the U-Bahn line 8 and the S-Bahn line S5. Via taxi or rent-a-car, you can travel the same distance in 30 minutes. This also applies when travelling by car or taxi from the central station to the venue. For the task, you can peruse the B6 motorway. As an alternative, you can opt for the U-Bahn line 8 to travel the same distance. In such an instance, the commuting time will be 40 minutes. Hannover Fairground is likewise close to neighbouring cities. For example, you can reach the location from Hildesheim via train in 30 minutes.

Hannover is the capital of the state of Lower Saxony in Germany. Due to its status as a state capital, it serves as a regional hub. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Because of its popularity, Hannover has a wide range of lodging and dining options. Over 600 hotels, hostels, guest houses, and apartments provide resting opportunities. Likewise, over 100 restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, and beer gardens are available. When considering accommodation and dining areas, consider districts such as Mitte and List.

Audience and Statistics

Interschutz receives an impressive audience consisting of safety and security industry members. For instance, the 2015 edition featured around 1500 exhibitors and 157,000 visitors. Exhibitors represented countries such as Spain, the USA, Italy, Turkey, and Austria. They also represented Sweden, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, India, Taiwan, and Poland. Many attendees also represented countries such as the Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, and Australia. Attending nations furthermore included France, Malaysia, Mexico, Hungary, China, and Canada. The UK and the Czech Republic also visit or exhibit at the fair.

Past Editions

2015 Edition

Interschutz 2015 marked a new participant record for the trade fair. The edition received around 1500 exhibitors and 157,000 visitors. This exceeded the 2010 edition’s participant number of 123,266 visitors. Several highlights attracted attendees, including aerial ladders and telescopic platforms. 

2022 Edition

Interschutz 2022 took place as a hybrid event. The format of the event consisted of a live exhibition and a digital platform. “Teams, tactics, technology — connected for rescue and protection” was the edition's motto. The fair showed the latest digital solutions that can create a connected and safe world in hall 16. It also featured many other highlights, including new sub-events. The event took place between 20.06.2022 and 25.06.2022 and marked the successful restart of the trade fair after the cancellation of the 2022 edition due to Covid-19. Over 1,300 exhibitors from more than 50 countries presented over 2,600 products during the event. They were examined by 85,000 visitors from 61 countries. The visitor nations with the highest percentage were Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland.


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