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( 9 May 2023 - 12 May 2023 )
Venue: Messe Cologne
Location: Germany , Köln

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Koelnmesse GmbH has announced that interzum 2023 will be a hybrid event. The specific dates for the event in Cologne have also been officially confirmed: 09.05.2023 through 12.05.2023. As of April 2022, North Rhine-Westphalia has removed its Covid-19 restrictions. Messe Cologne nonetheless recommends that attendees adhere to a few guidelines. Attending after testing negative, receiving Covid-19 vaccines, or recently recovering from the coronavirus is one such recommendation. They should also wear a medical mask over their mouth and nose. The venue also has explained that it will carefully monitor the epidemiological situation and adapt as necessary.

General Information About Interzum

Interzum is the leading networking platform and trade fair for the furniture industry. Also, it is an indispensable presentation platform for the latest innovations and trends. Furthermore, interzum offers a comprehensive view of the partaking industries. This includes construction, contracting and others. Attendees can also share knowledge and raise brand awareness at the trade fair. The event often exceeds 70,000 participants, with about 75ing international visitors. Editions are scheduled every two years at Messe Cologne and the event lasts four days. Often, interzum is held in May. The editions are held on odd-numbered years.

Interzum’s Business Profile

Interzum attracts a diverse audience of more than 70,000 participants. This includes members of the manufacturing, skilled trades, and services industries. It also features members of the contracting, architecture, construction, and retail sectors. Furthermore, the event also receives representatives from the education and media sectors. This includes specialists from vocational, technical or trade schools and journalists.

The trade show receives notable companies such as:

  • Hi-Max Innovation

  • ASTOR-Berning GmbH + Co. KG

  • Bai Fu Co. Ltd.

Additionally, the trade show features partner associations and organisations such as:

  • Furniture Club - Made in Germany e.V.

  • Holz vom Fach

  • VDID (Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer)

  • Initiative Furnier + Natur e.V.

Five continents attend the trade show. These are the two Americas, Oceania, Asia, and Europe.

What Changes Have Been Made to Interzum’s 2023 Edition?

Interzum 2023 will involve the application of the hybrid event format. Complementing the in-person trade fair will be a comprehensive range of digital services. These will be provided by the same platform that held the 2021 virtual edition. The application's central focus will be knowledge, content, and networking. The services will include:

  • the Lead Finder

  • the Showroom

  • the Communication Centre

Interzum 2023’s focal themes will be:

  • Digitalisation

  • Sustainability

  • Micro-living

  • Energy efficiency

  • Disruptive innovations

Goals, Support Programme and Perks of Visiting Interzum

Interzum allows attendees to complete five essential business goals. These include networking and achieving recognition. Attendees can also conduct on-site business, including closing purchasing and procurement deals. They can furthermore overview the industry and expand their specialist knowledge.

The exhibition is among the central and must-attend sub-events of interzum. It features a detailed range of presented innovative wares. Each of these represents a section of the production chain. They also include the services and products of the following professionals:

  • Product developers

  • Architects

  • Furnishers

  • Designers

  • Skilled trade association representatives

The exposition allows attendees to network, gain recognition, and conduct on-site business. It features three exhibition segments:

  • Materials & Nature

  • Function & Components

  • Textile & Machinery

Interzum features a comprehensive range of high-quality congresses. These allow attendees to expand their specialist knowledge and network with international leaders. They can also achieve recognition by participating as speakers.

One of the most important congress sub-events is the Speakers Corner. It takes place for four days and provides insights into various topics. Examples include colour trend forecasts, DIY, furniture simultaneity, sustainability, and innovations. The sub-event consists of congress lectures distributed in 25-minute slots. Exhibitors can create their schedules by selecting from the accessible seminars. Example seminars included in the Speakers Corner are:

  • Forecasting of general colour trends

  • Opening furniture with smartphones

  • DIY Leather Repairs

  • More and less - is simultaneity an option?

  • Sustainability & Green

  • Mattress Recycling Today

  • Innovate for market success

The third day of the trade show is the hosting day for the Congress Furnishing Trends. It is a sub-event that showcases the most recent furnishing industry trends. This includes the newest megatrends and colour tendencies. It takes place in Forum hall 4.2 and features speakers such as Julia Greven and Katrin de Louw.

The Congress Digitalisation is likewise a valuable congress-type sub-event. It lasts three days and frequently includes a focus topic in the manner of a motto. For instance, the 2019 edition of the Congress featured the adage Digitalisation - Focus on Consumer Trends!. The motto focused on digitalisation and the latest consumer trends related to it. Technological innovations and new business models are examples of such subjects. It also addressed issues such as customers' anticipations of smaller living spaces and the personalisation of living landscapes.

The sub-event consists of two segments. This includes a detailed exhibition of approximately 450 m2 that showcases innovations. The exposition is accompanied by a congress segment known as Digital Connection. It features 12 lectures and panel debates. These focus on subjects like:

  • New business models

  • New production methods

  • Consumer expectations

  • Customer furniture experience

  • Retail trade digitalisation

  • Beyond the borders of the furniture industry

The sub-event Congress Digitalisation can be of aid to manufacturers and fitters.

A similar symposium sub-event is the Congress Disruptive Materials. It focuses on topics related to disruptive materials. This includes the latest innovations and industry-changing technologies. It features more than 100 exhibits showcasing such wares on 400 m2. Furthermore, it is often accompanied by the micro-event known as Haute Innovation. It is a conference with 18 lectures that focus on the main exhibition topics. The Congress and Haute Innovation can be quite beneficial for:

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Product developers

Interzum additionally includes several micro-events that grant recognition via contests. Among the notable ones are Interzum Award and the VDID Newcomers Award.

The interzum Award is among the indispensable sub-events for start-ups and leading companies. It is a contest that lauds furniture and interior design innovations. It comprises a judging panel evaluating submissions and granting prizes. Representatives of the design and architecture branches constitute the jury. Each submission undergoes assessment via testing, examination, and discussion. The examination criteria include:

  • Innovation degree

  • Functionality

  • Material quality

  • Formal design

  • Level of sustainability

The Award features five permanent categories and one recent addition. The five perpetual established categories are:

  • Materials and Surfaces

  • Glass and Light

  • Fittings

  • Upholstered Furniture Production

  • Bedding

The novel category is sustainability. The event is held in cooperation with Red Dot and features two award types. These are “Best of the Best” and “High Product Quality”. Nominations that are standard-setting receive the Best of the Best. This includes products that offer new functions or use novel materials. High Product Quality lauds products that are notable in some manner. This includes establishing a trend, providing a creative solution, and others. The Interzum Award grants recognition to the winners. The contest is available to all participants, including exhibitors. Competitors can enter more than one product as submissions.

The VDID Newcomers Award is the central sub-event of the VDID Industrial Design Day. The Design Day focuses on the latest technological, economic and social-cultural trends. It also details how they reflect and inspire industrial design. The Newcomers Award aids in this regard. This is due to the completion lauding newcomer digital solutions and concept designs. Strategy development and user experience are some aspects honoured by the Award. This includes an expert jury assessing student projects and final degree assignments. These have to be completed between the previous and current editions. The Award provides aspiring design professionals with recognition. Participants can select their project theme from all product and industrial design areas. An example project that has received the Award includes a novel lighting solution.

The Guided Tours are also among the sub-events that are worth considering. They comprise guided tours held in English that showcase the trade fair. Such reviews allow attendees to examine the event in a time-saving manner. It also enables them to learn about the areas and micro-events that will help them achieve goals.

Interzum is a must-attend for many professionals. This includes ones that work in positions related to:

  • Management

  • Marketing, Sales, Advertising

  • Purchasing

  • Product Development and research

  • Design including interior design

  • Architecture

  • Contract and Office facility Furnishing

  • College/Universities, technical/trade/vocational schools

  • Manufactured Housing

  • Building Construction

  • Contractor work

  • Engineering/Drafting

  • Retail Sales

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What Should You Note When Planning Your Stay in Cologne?

Interzum is a biannual trade fair that takes place for four days. The organiser and hosting location/venue of the event is Koelnmesse GmbH. It is alternatively known as Messe Cologne. The visiting hours during all four days for exhibitors are between 8 am and 7 pm. Trade visitors can attend the trade show between 9 am and 6 pm during all event days.

Messe Cologne is one of the metropolis’ most prominent venues, and it is easily accessible. This is because of the various public transportation lines that connect the event grounds to the city. This includes main transport hubs like the central train station and the airport. Such lines enable reaching the venue from the locations while reducing commuting time. For example, visitors can opt for the metro when travelling from the Cologne-Bonn Airport. This will allow them to access the venue in 21 minutes. Similarly, it is an 11-minute bus commute from the central train station.

Cologne is a popular holiday destination in Germany. It is also one of the nation's largest cities. The metropolitan area has a comprehensive public transportation system. The network includes railway, metro and bus lines and provides access to all districts of the city. It also has connections to other cities, such as Bonn. Opting for public transportation is often both time-saving and cost-effective. There are bus connections, for example, that allows reaching the city centre in 15 minutes from the airport. Similarly, there are bus and metro connections that allow travelling from Bonn to Cologne in 30 minutes.

Cologne offers a diverse range of dining and lodging options. The city, for example, has a wide range of guest houses, hotels, apartments, and hostels. These vary from one to five-star ones and are available in all city districts as well as in local cities. Bars and restaurants, as well as clubs and specialised vendor stalls, offer various dining options. Messe Cologne is also a suitable dining option due to its diversified catering services and areas. Districts such as the Belgian Quarter and the city centre are recommended accommodation areas.

Target Audiences and Facts

Interzum is a trade fair with a high participation rate. For instance, its 2019 edition included 1,805 exhibitors and 74,000 visitors from 60 countries. The participating nations featured notable ones, such as:

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Turkey

  • USA

  • Spain

  • India

  • the Netherlands

  • Poland

  • UK

  • France

  • Romania
  • Belgium

  • Taiwan

  • Denmark

  • Sweden

  • Greece

  • Canada

  • Switzerland

  • China

  • Indonesia

  • Brazil

  • Austria

Due to its importance, the trade fair features a high concentration of international attendees. For instance, during the 2019 rendition, 75% of the attending were international visitors. Additionally, the trade fair's support programme allows attendees to complete their goals. This is further confirmed by the statistics. For instance, 76% of the participants assess their fair participation as excellent. Likewise, 88% are satisfied with the degree to which their objectives were achieved. As a result, 97% of the participants would recommend attending interzum, and 80% will visit the next edition.

What Happened in Previous Editions?

2021 Edition

The 2021 edition of interzum took place as a digital event known as [email protected] The event was hosted between 4.05.2021 and 7.05.2021. According to participants, the event was a success. The trade fair included 10,000 visitors and 142 exhibiting companies. A total of 132 countries attended the online edition of the fair.

2019 Edition

Interzum 2019 marked a new participation record for the event. The in-person trade fair, held between 21.05.2019 and 24.05.2019, featured 74,000 visitors from 60 countries and 1,805 exhibitors. The hosting location was once again Messe Cologne.


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