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Frankfurt Book Fair

(18 October 2023 - 22 October 2023 )
Location: Germany , Frankfurt am Main
Organizer: Messe Frankfurt GmbH

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Messe Frankfurt will be the location for the event and a strict COVID-19 prevention plan will not be in place. This is due to Germany removing its coronavirus-related restrictions, both travel and domestic ones. The next edition will occur between 18.10.2023 and 22.10.2023 as an in-person event.

Calling Card

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the leading book trade show for the publishing industry. Founded in 1949, it is the location where such professionals gather to discuss ideas. Specialists can furthermore find new content at the Book Fair. The event additionally is the location for gathering knowledge about the latest innovations. The event takes place at Messe Frankfurt, one of Frankfurt’s leading venues. 

Business Profile of the Event

The event is where writers, publishers, literary agents, and film producers gather. Furthermore, the Buchmesse is the meeting location for editors, journalists, screenwriters, and merchandisers. Many professional booksellers, publishing houses, publicity, and marketing departments also attend the fair. So do publicists, advertising sales agents, literary scouts, and production editors. 

Many companies of high renown attend the fair. Among them are the Waterstones and Barnes & Noble bookshop chains. The HarperCollins Publishers India and the Scottish indie publisher Canongate additionally attend.

What is new for Frankfurt Book Fair 2023?

The Guest Country of Honour will be Slovenia.

Did You Know? 

The Frankfurt Book Fair is a show that can help professionals in gaining recognition. Furthermore, it can aid them in maintaining contacts and forming new ones. The Fair can serve as a way to research the market and compare competitors. Additionally, professionals can present their newest product additions and expand their specialist knowledge. 

The Frankfurt Book Fair can help specialists in completing goals via its programme. This includes the B2B and B2C opportunities presented by the exhibition. The exhibition allows the publishing industry to showcase its latest additions. Attendees can network at the exhibition, which often exceeds 7 000 exhibitors. The exhibition features several collective stands. The Stands include Independent Publishers, Audiobooks, Stationery & Gifts.

Collective Stand Independent Publishers is where independent German-speaking publishers show their latest titles. This allows them to both gain recognition and set trends that can set the tone for the upcoming year. Furthermore, the stand is the location for German-speaking attendees to discover new authors. Each publisher can present up to 24 titles, ranging from fiction to specialised books. 

Collective Stand Audiobook is a presentation zone for audiobook bestsellers and new releases. Such include autobiographies, fiction and non-fiction, sciences, self-help, and others. Visitors of the stand can buy new additions for their listening playlist.

Collective Stand Stationery & Gifts is the presentation hub for products such as stationery. This allows exhibitors to expand their business and visitors to find new accessories. Such accessories include bookends, page markers, book holders, book sleeves and others. 

The Frankfurt Book Fair also features many events of interest besides the exhibition. Among them is the Literary Agents and Scouts Centre, where agents can network. Another event of interest is the Frankfurt Academic. It is the exhibition site for scientific and academic publishing topics. The event allows professionals to learn about the various academic publishing options. They can also learn about innovations and trends related to information management. Furthermore, the Frankfurt Academic is the location for attendees to network. The event often showcases ground-breaking technologies for digital publishing and related business models. The Frankfurt Academic is the leading event for professionals such as librarians. 

The Frankfurt Authors is the leading event for bloggers, authors, and self-publishers. It is where such professionals can expand their specialist knowledge. This includes learning about character development, wording, and finished novels. The event provides such specialists with an opportunity to network. Generally the topics of the zone include tips on making a living from blogging and writing books. Often, such topics receive mention in interactive webinars and live workshops. Writers, publishers, and bloggers can also gain recognition via the Book Blog Award. 

Another event of interest is the Frankfurt EDU. It is an event where education specialists can discuss the education sector's future. This includes the potential and challenges of using technology in education. The zone is the meeting location for EdTech companies and publishers. The Frankfurt EDU frequently includes various sub-events, such as discussions. 

Another event in Frankfurt Buchmesse’s support programme is the Frankfurt Kids. It is the meeting location for professionals working in children and youth literature. It is the event where such specialists can engage with experts in panel discussions. The Frankfurt Kids frequently feature the latest highlights and trends as topics. Such include the latest information about children’s media and early child education. Other subjects of discussion include the importance of diversity and learning innovations. 

The New Generation also provides insights into a certain age group. The target age group is youths and young adults. Specialists are able to learn about new media trends during the event. Furthermore, it allows professionals to exchange information with leading BookTubers, and influencers. They can also network with publishing professionals and experts. The event furthermore provides an opportunity to gain recognition. This is due to the Frankfurt Young Stories Contest. This is a writing contest where the winner can gain recognition and a monetary prize of 500 euros. They can also gain the opportunity to partake in a writing workshop. The Contest elects up to 5 winners. 

Many professionals can gain from attending the Frankfurt Book Fair. Such include writers, publishers, literary agents, film production houses and media representatives. Additionally, literary scouts, film producers, screenwriters, and merchandisers should opt to attend. So should booksellers, education specialists, stationery and service providers. BookTubers, influencers, bloggers, podcasters, librarians, and academics should not overlook attending as well. 

Start-ups can look forward to several events in the support programme. Such include the various Awards and the Frankfurt Young Stories Contest.

Your Hotel Room in Frankfurt 

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Frankfurt Buchmesse is an annual event organised by Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH. It takes place at Messe Frankfurt for 5 days. Visiting hours for the fair are between 9 am and 6:30 pm, or between 9 am to 5:30 pm. 

There are several alternatives to reaching Messe Frankfurt. Among them is opting for a taxi, aboveground train, metro, or walking. For example, when travelling from Frankfurt’s Central Station, you can opt for a taxi or the train. You will reach the venue in 8 to 10 minutes when opting for a taxi. The journey would take 17 minutes when travelling via the aboveground train. As an alternative, you can opt to walk to the venue from the central stations. This allows you to reach Messe Frankfurt in 35 minutes. 

When travelling from Frankfurt Airport, you can choose a taxi or public transport. Depending on the road taken, the taxi will allow you to reach Messe Frankfurt in 12 to 20 minutes. Via public transport, the journey will be longer, ranging between 35 and 50 minutes. Frankfurt has railway and road connections that connect it to the rest of Germany. For example, the city is a 2-hour commute from neighbouring Offenburg.

Frankfurt has ample options for sleeping and dining in the city. For example, the Altstadt or Old City district has about 30 or more hotels and dining places. Frankfurt also has other recommended areas for resting and dining. Among them are the Innenstadt or Inner City.

Audience and Statistics

The Frankfurt Book Fair is a high-profile and high-attendance event. It receives over 250,000 attendees during its editions. For example, its 2018 edition accommodated 7,503 exhibitors and 10,000 media representatives. It additionally received 285,024 visitors. A total of 110 countries attended, including China, Russia, the UK, the USA, and Germany. Other represented nations include Japan, Italy, Poland, Finland, Kazakhstan, and Taiwan. Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Canada, and Singapore also attend. Several industries attend the fair. Among them are the media, education, publishing, printing, and film.

Past Iterations

Frankfurt Book Fair 2021

The 2021 edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair took place between 20.10.2021 and 24.10.2021. Strict Covid-19 prevention measures were in place for the face-to-face exhibition. The edition marked the successful restart of the format and of the book publishing industry after the onset of the pandemic. The format featured 36,000 trade visitors and 37,500 readers. 2,013 exhibitors presented their wares with 2,500 media representatives attending the fair. One hundred and five countries attended the fair, with the Guest of Honour being Canada. 

Frankfurt Book Fair 2022

Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 took place between 19.10.2022 and 23.10.2022 in Messe Frankfurt. the venue did not include Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions. 180,000 visitors, 6,400 media representatives, and over 4,000 exhibitors attended the event. The exhibiting companies represented 95 countries. The Guest Country of Honour was Spain.




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