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(23 August 2022 - 27 August 2022 )
Venue: Messe Cologne
Location: Germany , Köln

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Covid-19 Update

Gamescom 2021 will be 100% digital. The fair will be available on the digital platform from the previous 2020 edition. Attendees can view the content on the platform free of charge. The event programme will include well-known events such as the Opening Night Live. A full overview of the event programme is available on the official website of the fair. 

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Gamescom is the central platform for the global computer and video game industry. It is the meeting location for gaming enthusiasts, developers, retail, and media representatives. The fair serves as the main event and hub for forming new connections. It furthermore provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about new games. Founded in 2009, Gamescom takes place every year in Cologne at Messe Cologne. 

Business profile of the event

Gamescom attracts many professionals and game enthusiasts. This includes leading companies such as Epic Games International, Warner Bros and Microsoft. It also includes renowned providers such as Asus Computer, Razer, and Trust Gaming. The fair is the meeting location for game developers and designers. Hardware suppliers and manufacturers also attend the fair. So do merchandisers such as toy or costume suppliers. Gamescom furthermore is the meeting location for end-consumers, retailers, distributors, and distance sellers. Many import and export firms, producers, service providers and associations attend as well. So do media representatives and suppliers of software, repair, and cleaning equipment. 

What is new for Gamescom 2021?

Gamescom 2021 will be digital, with attendees having access to the content free of charge. The event will include a detailed online programme, including new additions. Among the new additions is the Gamescom Epix platform. Epix will allow the community to gather via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Discord. They must solve quests to defeat the virtual evil ruler Fearture. The quests vary from reacting to self-created content to publishing various snapshots. When all quests have been solved, the community will receive various awards.

The Opening Night Live will feature changes to its format. Geoff Keighley will have a co-host star from Germany — Natascha Becker from GameStar. Many game creators will also co-star and provide commentary. 

Attendees can look forward to the retro area and the cosplay village online. Both events will be live at WildMic. The Cosplay village will take place first with a focus on cosplays, music, props, and arts. The event will also feature many workshops. The retro area will follow the cosplay village. The event will feature a focus on new games in modern retro style. Mháire Stritter from OrkenspalterTV will host the cosplay stream, while Joachim Hesse will host the retro show. Both hosts will have the support of Tommy Krappweis & Band.

Gamescom Congress will have a key focus on digital learning. This includes how games can help in enriching everyday school life. The Congress will include various presentations and workshops focused on the key topic. It will furthermore include presentations on what games can do for healthcare. 

Did you know? 

Gamescom is a show that can help in completing goals such as gaining recognition. Additionally, the event allows professionals to network and make important purchases. Furthermore, the show allows them to expand their specialist knowledge. 

One of the leading events in Gamescom’s programme is the exhibition. It features the latest products and innovations in electronic entertainment. Among them are products related to software and hardware, merchandise and gaming accessories. The exhibition features several product segments to making finding a certain product easier. The segments are:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Merchandising
  • Care, cleaning, repair
  • Telecommunications and internet
  • Media
  • Basic and advanced training
  • Associations/public institutions
  • Service providers
  • Development

Besides the exhibition, Gamescom also features many other events of interest. Among them is the Opening Night Live with Geoff Keighley. It is a live show within the show led by Geoff Keighley where several video game premieres debut. The show also provides news about anticipated games for the current year’s edition. 

Another event of interest is the Retro Area. It is a demonstration zone where attendees can explore popular retro classics. They can also find new games for their retro console. The zone furthermore is the hosting area for various interviews, demonstrations, and others. 

The Cosplay Village is among the popular events for gaming enthusiasts and professionals. It is an area where attendees can showcase their acting, make-up, and crafting talents. The Village allows attendees to craft costumes of their favourite characters. The Village allows attendees to also gain recognition. This is due to the Cosplay Contest, where a jury of 3 experts determines the winners in 3 categories. The judges are well-known cosplayers, journalists, or make-up artists. During the Contest, competitors showcase their costumes including reacting scenes. The categories competitors can win in include:

  • Best costume 1-3
  • Best built (Armours, built costumes)
  • Best dress (Dresses, costumes which are mostly sewn)

Judges determine the winners based on a series of criteria. The criteria are:

  • Category 1: Similarity to the original

Proportion — Are the size ratios of the elements as close to the original as possible?

Colours — What is the quality of the colours, and how close are the nuances to the original?

Details — How many details does the costume have, and what is their quality?

  • Category 2: Way of construction

Craft — How complex is crafting the costume? Are there any hard parts or techniques involved? 

Purposeful — How purposeful and comfortable is the costume? Does the costume permit the wearer to sit and drink? Can a person move and change by themselves?

Accessories — Are the accessories (jewellery, weapons, ornaments) suitable? 

  • Category 3: Overall Impression — Impression of the whole outfit, including the performance

Winners at the event can gain prizes including award money and collector’s toys. They can furthermore receive awards such as headphones, cosplay shop vouchers and others. 

Gaming developers can also gain recognition through the exhibition and the Gamescom Award. Gamescom Award recognises developer achievements in 1 of 24 categories. Each winner receives careful consideration from a panel of gaming experts. The categories include:

  • Best Action-Adventure Game
  • Best Action Game
  • Best Family Game
  • Best Indie Game
  • Best Racing Game
  • Best Remaster
  • Best Role-Playing Game
  • Best Simulation Game
  • Best Sports Game
  • Best Strategy Game
  • Best Multiplayer Game
  • Best Ongoing Game
  • Most Original Game
  • Best Microsoft Xbox Game
  • Best Nintendo Switch Game
  • Best PC Game
  • Best Sony PlayStation Game

The Gamescom Award additionally has categories where the community can choose the winners.

Another event of interest is the Gamescom Congress. It is where professionals discuss the potential of computer and video games. The Congress focuses on topics such as how game technologies can help the economy. The Congress is the meeting location for creative artists, teachers, and politicians. Journalists, scientists, and industry representatives also attend the Congress. 

Gamescom also features the developer conference devcom. This is a conference for game developers where they can discuss various topics. Such include game development, technology, tools, art, animations, and diversity. The conference provides such professionals with 2 days of networking and educational opportunities. 

Gamescom is a fair that can help game developers, hardware, and software companies. Retailers, item merchandisers and creative artists can furthermore gain from visiting the event. So will distributors, import/export firms and producers of gaming equipment. Service providers and associations should likewise consider visiting the fair. Media representatives and suppliers of cleaning or repair equipment should not overlook visiting. 

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Gamescom is an annual trade fair that takes place for 3 days at Messe Cologne. Koelnmesse GmbH organises the event with visiting hours between 9 am and 7 pm or between 9 am and 8 pm. 

Messe Cologne is a venue that is easy to reach. This is because of the extensive public transport lines that connect it to Cologne’s central station and airport. For example, you can reach the messe in 21 minutes from the Cologne-Bonn Airport by metro. Likewise, you can access the venue from the central railway station in 11 minutes by bus. 

Cologne is a popular tourist city in Germany and among its largest metropolises. It has a public transport system consisting of bus, train, and metro lines. The network connects all districts of the metropolis and has links to Bonn. Travelling by public transport tends to be time-saving and affordable. For example, the city centre is a 15-minute journey by bus from the Bonn-Cologne Airport. Likewise, you can reach Cologne from Bonn in 30 minutes by bus or metro. 

Cologne provides an extensive range of accommodation and dining options. For example, you can opt to rest at a hotel, guest house, apartment, or hostel. Dining options within the city feature bars, restaurants, clubs, and supermarkets. When considering where to stay in Cologne, opt for districts such as the Old Town or the Belgian Quarter.

Audience and Statistics

Gamescom is a high-profile and high-attendance event. For example, the 2018 edition received 1037 exhibitors and 370,000 visitors. Attendants of the event include members of the IT and computer and video games sectors. Additionally, the fair attracts many media and education representatives. Over 110 countries send delegates to the trade show. Among them are Germany, the USA, the UK, Turkey, and Brazil. France, India, the Netherlands, Austria, and Poland also send trade delegates. 


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visitors from 114 countries


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