COUNTRY: Switzerland
CITY: Bern

Upcoming Dates

SINDEX continues thegrowing, global inter-industry trend towards industrial automation in every major process and stage of production and manufacturing, whether we’re talking about fluid power technology or electrical engineering. The international trade fair is a long-anticipated staple that will bring even more innovations. Statistic place exhibitors at 430 and visitors at over 13,500 industry insiders. Travel 2 Fairs ltd reminds you that there are easier ways to make your business travel plans. Give us a call today and we’ll supply you with a hotel booking online!

SINDEX presents valuable opportunities to generate sales leads from new markets and plan exciting product launches across every major product category. On display you have autkeyboards, cables, communications equipment, control equipment, control systems, displays, drive systems, fiber optic cables, identification systems, industrial robots, input devices, measuring instruments, power supplies and switchboards. Direct your attention to where it’s needed most and allow Travel 2 Fairs ltd to choose your hotel. We have an extensive network of hotels across every price range, star rank and location. All you have to do is tell us what you need!