COUNTRY: Switzerland

Upcoming Dates

Retailers from all sectors of the consumer goods industry are preparing themselves for a trip to ORNARIS early in the year. This international exhibition plays an integral part in determining upcoming trends in product design and customer behavior. Switzerland hosts more than 420 exhibitors. Organizers place participation to be at over 11,000 visitors. You can expect there’s going to be competition for hotels for ORNARIS and hotel prices are only going to go up, so be quick in your business travel plans. Turn to Travel 2 Fairs ltd to discover your hotel booking online.

ORNARIS maintains a wide focus on consumer goods, showcasing trends in arts, cosmetics, wellness, fashion, jewellery, spa products, gardening and home accessories. You have a large platform to turn a product launch into a resounding success, generate sales leads and get a real sense of what the year is going to look like in your sector. Enjoy your time at the exhibition in comfort and keep your expenses low with a reservation from Travel 2 Fairs ltd. Our experts do in-depth consultations to determine the ideal location, star rank and price range for your needs and we deliver results in a single day.