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Where else does on hold a luxury car show to end all others but Monaco. Top Marques Monaco has found a home in The Grimaldi Forum since 2004, when it first debuted under the patronage of Albert II, Prince of Monaco. Top Marques Monaco extends beyond just the category of super cars, but instead also presents visitors with the highest order of super boats, e-bikes and aircraft, even luxury watches and jewels. In the past, editions have incorporated some new or thematic element. In 2005, Top Marques Monaco celebrated the James Bond franchise, which is intrinsically linked with stylish cars and ferocious chases.

  • Top Marques Monaco maintains a solid visitor turnout with last edition registering some 14,000 international visitors, who came from all over Europe to see the over 60 vehicles on display;
  • One of the biggest news in the development of the car show is the inclusion of a dedicated area for classic cars. This permanent exhibit will highlight the most iconic car models from as early as the 50s up until the 90s;
  • Top Marques Monaco relishes in its reputation as “the most exclusive automobile show in the world” (courtesy of The New York Times) and is also a major driving force in a variety of technological fields as the show is often the stage for next generation of technology.

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