CITY: Paris

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In the automotive industry, few events come close to EQUIP AUTO 2019 and its assortment of equipment, tools, services for mobility and automotive aftersales. The international trade show is taking the stage in Paris, France come October 15th, when more than 1500 exhibitors are going to be displaying and demonstrating their best products. Organizers estimate that around 100,000 visitors will attend the trade show for the five days until October 19th. You stand to gain much by booking your hotel accommodation early on and Travel 2 Fairs ltd can navigate you to all hotels in Paris worth your attention.

Business travel doesn’t have to take a small fortune to fund and endless hours to organize. Travel 2 Fairs has developed a service that takes a day to complete bookings for international trade shows. Choose where you want to stay in Paris, give us a cutoff price and tell us how many rooms you’ll require. The next day, all you have to do is choose the deal you like the best. This gives you ample time to invest in EQUIP AUTO 2019, whose program brims with informative demonstrations and networking events. With your hotel accommodation in the capable hands of Travel 2 Fairs ltd, you can shift to a higher gear!