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IAA Transportation 2024

(17 September 2024 - 22 September 2024 )
Location: Germany, Hannover
Organizer: Deutsche Messe AG

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IAA Transportation 2024 will occur between the 17th and 22nd of September 2024 in Messe Hannover. The hosting site will not incorporate coronavirus safeguards because Germany has lifted its pandemic restrictions.


IAA Transportation is a trade fair held in even-numbered years in Messe Hannover. It is a biannual event that takes place for six days. It is one section of the International Mobility Show. The IAA Transportation trade fair serves as a pivotal event for the commercial vehicle industry and often exceeds 250,000 participants. These incorporate over 2 500 exhibiting firms from 48 countries. 61% of them represent a foreign nation. They present more than 300 world product debuts in an exhibition space of over 260,000 m2 to more than 245,000 visitors. This includes representatives of countries such as Germany, Italy, the USA, and China. They attend to examine or present various innovations. Additionally, attendees can network with diverse participants, such as leading decision-makers.

About IAA Transportation

The IAA Transportation Fair receives participants from various industries. Automotive represents the predominant participant group, followed by logistics. They are complemented by attendants from the transport and commerce sectors. The bike, regulatory, and environmental protection sectors also attend the fair.

Participants can engage in a diverse event schedule. Among the IAA Transportation highlights are the Bus Area, Conference, Startup Stage and Experiences. Additionally, it includes the Career Platform and often one or more theme days. The days focus on topics such as public transport innovations and future logistics. Additionally, participants should not overlook the exhibition with its various innovative products. The sub-event is the presentation stage of representatives of IAA Transportation’s exhibitor list, such as:

  • Daimler Truck;
  • MAN;
  • DAF;
  • Scania;
  • Ford;
  • RYTLE;
  • Schmitz Cargobull;
  • Renault;
  • SAIC;
  • Siemens;
  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles;
  • ABB;
  • Amazon Relay;
  • AMK;
  • AXION;
  • Bevola;
  • Mahle;
  • Bosch;
  • Bucher Hydraulics;
  • Continental;
  • Cummins;
  • Daikin Transport Refrigeration;
  • Dako;
  • DEKRA:
  • Eaton;
  • Erich Jaeger;
  • E.ON;
  • Goodyear;
  • Heidelberg Printed Electronics;
  • Hexagon;
  • Horton;
  • Iveco;
  • Kappa optronics;
  • Mercedes-Benz Trucks;
  • Michelin;
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries;
  • Phillips Poland;
  • Renault;
  • Samsung;
  • Schaeffler;
  • Shell;
  • TUV Nord;
  • UPS Deutschland;
  • Volvo;
  • VOSS;
  • Webasto;
  • Wurth.



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Procure suitable accommodation for the IAA Transportation exhibition with Travel 2 Fairs Ltd. All that is necessary is to inform us about the rooms you need, how much you wish to spend, and your desired location. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd manages the rest. Reserve lodgings adjacent to Messe Hannover. This will improve your commuting time by gaining invaluable public transport access. We can inform you of the top-quality routes to take to the locale. Apart from reasonable lodging accommodation for expositions, we likewise provide transport services. One travel method to your hotel is to have a rentable car expecting you at the airport. Another is to schedule an airport transfer in both directions.

Event information might be outdated because of the coronavirus pandemic. More information is available from the organiser.

Past Iterations

IAA Transportation 2022

IAA Transporation 2022 took place as a live event between the 20th and 25th of September 2022. The event was held in Messe Hannover and featured 1 402 exhibiting firms, including 68 start-ups, 135 000 visitants, and 1 400 journalists. The exhibitors represented 47 countries, while the media professionals represented 57 nations.

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