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Switzerland is one of the leading countries in the European and global automotive industry. This is because the country contributes significantly to the value of the industry. This is because motor vehicles are of considerable importance to the Swiss. This is reflected in the number of more than 6,300,000 registered vehicles. In addition, many Swiss maintain and own classic cars as a hobby. As a result, there are around 165,000 registered 30-and-above-year-old vehicles. As a result, the automotive industry is a central segment of the Swiss economy. This also results in the sector providing a high level of employment. Around 2.1% of Switzerland’s hired population is employed in this sector. This results in about 224,000 specialists working in the automotive industry. This includes about 35,000 experts who work in approximately 570 automotive companies. In addition, there are about 40,000 specialists who work in roughly 4,000 workshops. Furthermore, the country’s automotive industry features 7 500 vocational training-related enterprises. Thus, Switzerland’s automotive sector often contributes significantly to its economy. For instance, the classic car hobby generates 836 000 000 CHF. This is a significant part of the more than 94 000 000 000 CHF that the sector often generates per year. This corresponds to approximately 13% of the country’s GDP. The sector is also a significant exporter and importer. 7% of Switzerland’s total exports are motor vehicles and related products. As a result of such contributions, the segment is among the country’s central sectors. It is also among the industries of the countries that often implement innovations. Such are frequently presented during annual trade expositions. Such events attract hundreds of thousands of participants.