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Switzerland is one of the leading countries in the European and global banking industries. This is because the country has a time-honoured link to the sector and is one of its primary financial hubs. Approximately a quarter of the total global cross-border assets are managed in the country. Additionally, the country is among the leading states for transaction financing, insurance and reinsurance. This is due to the country featuring over 240 banks and more than 180 insurance enterprises. Such enterprises employ approximately 212 000 specialists. They also contribute a significant amount of the country’s GDP. This is due to the sector often contributing between 9 and 10% of Switzerland's gross domestic product. This is due to the segment's diverse range of high-value and high-quality services. For instance, the country’s banking institutions feature various client custody accounts. The security holding of such accounts amounts to 7 900 000 000 000 CHF. As a result, the country’s total baking assets often surpass 2 000 000 000 USD. For instance, in recent years, the total assets of the state’s baking enterprises have reached 3 190 000 000 000 000 USD. There are several contributing factors to the leading position of the country’s banking sector. Among them is the segment's high focus on innovation. The sector often innovates its wares and services. This enables it to remain up-to-date on the latest challenges, trends, and demands. Generally, the presentation of the segment’s latest innovations occurs during annual trade expositions. Such events attract thousands of participants.