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France is among the leading countries in the European banking and finance industry. It is likewise one of the pivotal states of the global sector of the industry. This is due to the country featuring one of the most extensive and high-value segments. For instance, the country features 330 banking institutions. Their aggregated revenues have resulted in the generation of 142,300,000,000 EUR in recent years. This corresponds to a contribution of more than 2% to the French gross domestic product. The sector is also one segment that contributes to employment in the country. According to recent reports, for example, the sector employs 350,400 skilled workers. This includes 40,300 new hires. That is 20% of the positions in the banking sector in the European Union. It also accounts for more than 1% of employment in the country's private sector. France features an extensive banking and finance industry due to diverse causes. Among them is the time-honoured links of the country to the industry. Additionally, a considerable amount of the country's population has a banking account. According to recent reports, 52,500,000 individuals have such an account. Furthermore, France's banking and finance sector frequently implements innovations. This enables the industry to remain up-to-date on the latest challenges and trends. Often, such innovations are presented during annual trade expositions. Such events attract thousands of participants.