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France is one of the most influential sectors of the European architectural industry. According to recent reports, it is Europe's second most significant architecture segment. This is due to the circumstance that the country has a developed and opportune architecture sector. This includes the presence of more than 7 900 architectural practices. It also includes more than 30 000 architects. These companies and specialists develop and operate various high-quality projects. The national government also promotes and encourages many of these projects. One example is the inclusion of sustainable buildings. This is done by creating net-zero architectures. Also, the country has an extensive architecture sector based on high-established connections. France, for example, was one of the most influential sources for various styles. Examples are Baroque, Rococo, et cetera. Consequently, this segment is one of the most valuable areas of the architectural industry. According to reports, up to EUR 5 700 000 000 has been earned here in recent years. Many of the companies contribute to generating this income through various means. These include business deals and the presentation of innovations at the trade exhibitions held every three years. Such events occur in varied cities such as Paris. They attract hundreds of thousands of participants.