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France is among the leading and pivotal countries in the European and global cosmetics industries. This is due to the comprehensive and high-value cosmetic sector present within the state. It comprises 3 200 enterprises that represent the whole value chain. This includes manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, service providers, et cetera. Such businesses include small and medium-sized enterprises, which comprise 80% of the segment. They also feature extensive, pre-eminent corporations. Such companies employ directly 250 000 specialists. This results in an annual turnover of up to 45 000 000 000 EUR. As a result, the cosmetics industry is among France’s significant GDP contributors. A notable detail regarding the segment is that it is among the country’s high-valued exporters. This is due to two-thirds of the wares produced being exported to other states. This results in 130 000 specialists operating within the exportation section of the industry. It also results in the contribution of revenues of up to 19 200 000 000 EUR. Among the types of wares with the highest exportation are perfumery, makeup, and facial care. They contribute up to 16 500 000 000 EUR of the exported value. France’s cosmetic sector is additionally among the global cosmetics industry’s leading innovation hubs. This is due to the segment placing a high focus on research and development. This enables it to adapt to the newest challenges, industrial demands, and consumer trends. Generally, the sector displays its latest studies and innovations during trade expositions. Such events occur once per year in diverse cities such as Paris. They attract tens of thousands of attendants.