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Switzerland is among the leading, central and time-honoured countries of the global food and beverage industry. This is due to the comprehensive and high-value F&B sector present in the state. It comprises around 95 800 small and medium-sized enterprises and extensive, time-honoured corporations. They employ around 10% of Switzerland’s employed workforce or 545 300 specialists. They operate within diverse subsections. Examples include producing, distributing, retailing, packaging, and manufacturing various food and beverages. Such include producing wares like meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, oils, fats, drinks, et cetera. This results in the sector producing high annual turnovers. They often contribute up to and approximately 3.1% of the state’s gross economic value. For example, in recent years, the segment has reached a market size totalling 48 000 000 000 EUR. It is also among the central industries of the country, focusing highly on research and development. This is due to the sector annually investing up to 2 600 000 000 CHF in innovating its wares and supply chain. This is due to such a focus aiding it in adapting to the latest consumer demands and challenges. Often, it displays its latest innovations during annual trade expos. Such events, hosted in diverse cities, attract tens of thousands of attendees.