COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Stuttgart

Upcoming Dates

RETRO CLASSICS rolls around the calendar once more to showcase the rarest and most prized classic cars and automotive designs. The international exhibition has grown into one of the most significant events of its kind in Stuttgart, Germany. One look at the numbers confirms this –there are over 1550 exhibitors and more than 90,000 car enthusiasts and industry insiders ready to make the trip. Have you booked hotels in Stuttgart? Travel 2 Fairs ltd speeds the entire reservation process and significantly reduces the costs behind your hotel booking online. All you need is one consultation!

Business travel has high demands – you need the right availability especially if you’re travelling in a sizeable group. You’re looking for a location that cuts down on your overall commute and is well serviced by public transport. Travel 2 Fairs ltd delivers on all these promises at premium rates that have been selected for your budget! RETRO CLASSICS is going to be the first edition to add a brand new hall that will allow for more rare vehicles to take the stage. Driving culture, restoration and lifestyle trends are all represented in the exhibition space. The support program boasts talks, prizes and autograph sessions.