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CITY: Birmingham

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Maintain your market positions and influence in the forecourt industry and fuel market, while also informing yourself on emerging trends a variety of sectors at The Forecourt Show. The international trade show intersects the commercial, manufacturing, environmental and retail sectors in Birmingham, UK. You have a packed program and in attendance you have engineers, buyers and experts. Invest in business travel as early as today, and choose Travel 2 Fairs ltd as your provider of bookings for international trade shows.

What does Travel 2 Fairs bring to the table? First, you’ve systemic access to hotels in Birmingham according to location, price and star rank. You no longer have to research and compare deals – a lengthy and stressful task. We can also confirm availability in a matter of hours, find out the hotels closest to the event and the ones with best access to public transport. The Forecourt Show is worth the extra care as you gain entry to progressive approaches to environmental services, security systems, floor coverings, manhole covers, pumps, and air and water delivery systems. The other major highlight are the numerous networking opportunities coded into the official program.