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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Munich

Upcoming Dates

FOOD & LIFE 2019 dives into the depth of flavors and flavor combinations of food and drinks. As an international trade fair, it’s a true celebration for gourmets and secures participation from thousands of food enthusiasts, food critics, chefs and culinary experts. The upcoming edition is slated for the period November 27th through to December 1st in Munich, Germany. You stand to access thousands of buyers and survey changing attitudes in taste and rising popularity of foods. Be fully prepared for your business travel outing and leave your online hotel reservation for trade fairs to Travel 2 Fairs ltd.

You can’t help but salivate once you step into the FOOD & LIFE 2019 as booths lay on display a rich selection of fresh, high-quality foods and drinks. From baked goods, truffles, sausages, fruits and confectionary to dairy products, dietary supplements,health food, herbal teas and mushrooms, you discover a world of flavors. Not to mention the exciting program that features action stages, lectures, workshops and seminars. Focus on what you’re going to do for FOOD & LIFE 2019 and leave the search for hotels in Munich to Travel 2 Fairs. We present you with a custom list with curated affordable deals that position you close to the action.