CITY: Montpellier

Upcoming Dates

The heart of Sitevi 2019 sits at the intersection of three sectors – the vine-wine, olive and fruit & vegetable sectors. The international exhibition brings more than 1000 exhibitors to Montpellier, France for a packed program that not only will showcase and put to the test the machinery across every link in the value chain, but will unveil over 300 new products. Attendance is sky high sitting at 54,000 trade visitors, making this event an unrivaled platform. Do you have a hotel booking online? It’s easy to discover the early booking deals for hotels for Sitevi 2019 when you have Travel 2 Fairs ltd on speed dial.

Business travel can be a real time sink, when you don’t know a city as well as you’d like. Where do you find the hotels closest to the exhibition centre? Which are the ones with good connections to public transport? Are you seeing the best prices? Travel 2 Fairs ltd removes any uncertainty in sending you offers tailored to your group size, budget and preferences in location. Now you visit Sitevi under the best of circumstances. The exhibition covers a lot of fields - wine growing, winemaking, oenology, fruit farming, market gardening, agri-supplies, packaging and marketing.