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(27 September 2022 - 30 September 2022 )
Venue: Verona Fiera
Location: Italy , Verona
Organizer: Veronafiere

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Event Update

Marmomac 2022 will take place in Verona, Italy between the 27th of September and the 30th of September 2022. The event will be face-to-face and will have an implemented COVID-19 prevention plan. The fair's website will include the official guidelines of the plan. 

Calling Card

Marmomac is an international fair that sets the natural stone sector standards. It is the meeting hub for members of the natural stone sector, such as suppliers or manufacturers. During the event, attendees can learn about the latest trends and innovations. Marmomac is a high-profile event that receives many international visitors. Founded in 1965, the fair takes place in Verona, Italy at the Verona Fiera. 

Business Profile of the Event

Marmomac is the leading event for the natural stone sector. It is where stakeholders, leading processors and exporters of natural stone gather. It is also where visitors include manufacturers and academic representatives. The interior construction and building technology and machinery industries also attend the fair. Such diversity allows for creating new connections. Among them are finding new clients, suppliers, and partners. The fair is also among the business events that receives many media representatives. Marmomac is where notable companies such as Beijing Metals & Minerals Corp exhibit.

What is New for MARMOMAC 2021?

The 2021 edition of Marmomac will include several new events and zones. Among them is the Marble+Solutions area. The area will promote and escort companies towards a new exhibition project. This project aims to move exhibiting from showcasing materials to showcasing products. The Marble+Solutions will feature a ready-to-use stand to present different projects. The zone will furthermore allow for exhibiting co-marketing solutions with non-sector brands. There will also be marble and natural stone in hybrid application exhibits. Such works will show the use of natural stone in combination with other materials. These include metals, glass, and others except for ceramics.

Such exhibitions will highlight the importance of product evolution in the sector. At the same time, it will emphasize the pivotal role of natural stone in manufacturing. The area will also act as the location for specific buyer delegation activities. Exhibitors can consider attending with a multimedia totem. This will prevent the need to abandon their stand’s historic location. 

The Marmomac will also include an experimental project with a focus on technologies. In particular, the project will concentrate on innovations. It will additionally focus on means of improving existing processes. The project will furthermore concentrate on ways of producing new products. The zone will feature technicians, plant processing and product developing managers. It will also include speakers such as designers and architects.

The theme of the fair will be “Time in Stone”. Time will be the leitmotif of the exhibitions. Exhibition curators include leading figures such as Vincenzo Pavan and Raffaello Galiotto.

The Marmomac Academy will have a new format courtesy of a signed agreement with IUAV Venice. The program will include new content, speakers, and training activities. 

The fair will also feature a digital platform — Marmomac Plus. The feature will provide access to all sector initiatives. It will also permit finding new trade operator targets. The Marmorac Plus will furthermore encourage promotion and meetings. It will additionally allow exhibitors to showcase their brands, products, and projects. Last, the platform will act as Marmomac’s planning activity forerunner.

There will also be a new Marmomac Talks corner. This will be a zone where speakers can discuss important issues. These will focus on the present and future of the natural stone sector. It will also allow companies to present themselves to visitors. The Talks corner will additionally allow attendees to exchange information. 

Did You Know?

Marmomac is a fair that can provide help in completing several goals. Such include networking and forming new connections. It can also help with expanding your business. This is due to the fair promoting the making of important purchases. It also encourages learning about new trends and innovations. Additionally, the fair promotes the expanding of specialist knowledge and gaining recognition.

The fair has a diverse program to aid in achieving such goals. Such include meeting high-ranking professionals via one-on-one meetings or during seminars and lectures. The program of the Marmomac features several main events. 

Among them is the Italian Stone Theatre. The Theatre is a dedicated event hall for natural stone designs that describe the sector. For the task, each exhibit uses culture, architecture, and design. This in turn promotes business and increases awareness among attendees, especially buyers. The Theatre is also where two notable Award Ceremonies take place. The first is the receiving of the ICON Award. It is a prize given to a winner whose work stands out as the best image for the communication campaign. The selection criteria focus on details such as aesthetic impact and symbolic value. A specialist jury selects the receiver of the award.

The second Ceremony marks the receiving of the Best Communicator Award. All attendees of the fair can receive this prize. The Award aims to reward exhibitors whose exhibits act as communication tools. The exhibitors with the most original and deserving stand receive the Award. A specialist jury chooses the winners. There are 4 categories for this Award — Stone, Design, Machinery, and Tools. 

Another main event within the fair’s program is the Marmomac Academy. This is an event consisting of training sessions for expanding specialists' knowledge. The Academy can be of help to architects as they can request pertinent AIA and RIBA training credits. 

The exhibition of natural products and technology forms the basis of the fair. It consists of several zones. The first is the Marble, Stone & Design. The zone showcases marble, granite, natural stone, stone designs and marble agglomerates. The second zone is the Blocks and Unhewn Stone. The area shows marble and granite blocks after the initial mining and processing. It is also where attendees can exhibit or view various types of unhewn stone. The third zone is the Machinery and Equipment. This is where attendees can find various machines and equipment used in the sector. The zone has several subdivisions, including: 

  • Machinery and Equipment for the Natural Stone Sector
  • Workshop Machinery and Equipment
  • Means of Transport and Lifting
  • Machinery and Systems for Disposal, Ecology, and Depuration
  • Numerical Control Machinery — Dynamic Area

The fourth area of the exhibition is the Tools and Chemicals. It is where attendees can examine a diverse range of tools and chemicals. This includes abrasives, diamond tools, and artistic bronze holy arts. Likewise, the area features technologies to safeguard architectural heritage and chemicals.

Marmomac can provide help to professionals such as natural stone suppliers. It can also help retail specialists such as importers and exporters of natural stone. Mining companies and professionals should also consider attending the fair. So should architects, exterior and interior designers, and counter-top specialists. Mining and stone processing manufacturers, as well as suppliers, should also visit. So should providers of diamond tools, abrasives, and stone processing chemicals. Museum curators or specialists dedicated to safeguarding architectural heritage should likewise attend. 

Manufacturers of tombstones and garden stones should also opt to visit. So should construction specialists who work with natural stone. Artists working with natural stone should not overlook attending as well. Media professionals ought to consider visiting, especially if they work for professional magazines. Start-ups can look forward to the ICON and Best Communicator Awards. They should also not overlook the Marmomac Academy and the Italian Stone Theatre. 

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Marmorac is an annual fair that takes place at the Verona Fiera for 4 days. Veronafiere S.p.A who owns the venue organizes the event. The opening hours of the event are between 9:30 am and 6 pm for the first 3 days. The visiting hours for the final day of the fair are between 9:30 am and 4 pm. 

Verona Fiera is an event venue with a convenient location. For instance, the event centre is 8 minutes by metro from the central railway station. Likewise, from the Valerio Catullo Airport to Verona, the travelling time is 26 minutes by bus. Reaching the venue from nearby cities such as Padua is similarly easy. For example, by train and bus, it would take you 37 minutes to reach the venue from Vincenza.

Verona is a tourist city with a well-working public transport city. It has an international airport, railway links and many buses. There are also available taxis for reaching different areas via highway roads. Travelling times within the city tend to be brief. For instance, the airport is a 15-minute bus commute from Verona Porta Nuova. There are many dining and accommodation options in the city and surrounding area. Such include hotels, hostels, and apartments in the city centre or in nearby Vincenza. Places to rest are also available in city areas such as Citta Antica or San Zeno. Dining options vary from bistros offering local cuisine to restaurants and bars.

Audience and Statistics

Marmorac is a high-profile event that attracts around 69000 attendees. For instance, the 2018 edition received 1597 exhibitors and 67230 visitors. Trade delegates represented many countries such as Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. Represented sovereign states furthermore featured Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, and France. Visitors likewise represent Algeria, Tunisia, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Iran, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia also send trade delegates. So do Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Taiwan, and Spain. Trade delegates also represented Turkey, the USA, and the UK.

Attendees come from a large group of industries and sectors. These include the building technology and machinery, as well as interior construction industries. It also includes the mining and machine manufacturing industries. Many attendees likewise represent the arts & crafts and the import & export industries. Architecture and design also attend the fair. The services industry furthermore attends via media representatives and consultants. 

Past Editions

2021 Edition

Marmomac 2021 served as the symbol of the industry's restart. It took place between 29.09.2021 and 02.10.2021 as a face-to-face exhibition. The edition occurred at Verona Fiere and featured the latest COVID-19 prevention measures. Among them was the mandatory showing of health certificates. Marmomac 2021 featured 756 exhibitors and around 30 000 visitors, with many opting to travel from abroad despite the travel restrictions. A total of 120 countries attended the fair including Italy, Spain, Turkey, and others. The edition also debuted several new event additions. This included the Marmomac Talks corner. At the zone  speakers discussed important issues such as the future of the natural stone sector. The corner also allowed companies to present themselves and attendees to exchange information. 


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