(19 July 2024 - 21 July 2024 )
Venue: Olympia
Location: UK, London
Organizer: Cross Media Ltd

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The 2024 edition of HYPER Japan will take place as a live event at Olympia London between 19.07.2024 and 21.07.2024. At present, the UK does not have travel or national coronavirus restrictions in place. Yet, attendees should note that wearing face masks in indoor spaces are highly encouraged. 

HYPER Japan – A Brief Introduction

HYPER Japan is an international trade show based in London, UK, which performs a dual function – both a procurement platform for end consumers enamoured by Japanese pop culture and a rich showcase of Japanese culture, which promotes understanding and appreciation. As such, HYPER Japan is not just one thing, but many, and therein lies its popularity with visitors from all walks of life. HYPER Japan occurs twice per year and both editions are heavily visited. The summer show garners around 80,000 visitors and the autumn show exceeded 50,000 visitors. These numbers are consistent over the years. 

An Industry Profile

Japan has fascinated Westerners for decades, especially with the development of Japan’s animation and comics scene, its colourful fashions and technological innovations. But there’s also a deep love for Japanese aesthetics and philosophy, reflected in its traditions and rituals. HYPER Japan is a full embodiment of all these aspects as the show is parts festival with traditional tea ceremonies and street foods, and part marketplace, where visitors can find just about anything. This includes merchandise, clothes, games, traditional arts, kawaii wares, foods, novel technology, handmade wares, antiques, accessories, and souvenirs.

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Travel 2 Fairs Ltd assists you in planning your outing at HYPER Japan so that you enjoy a productive trip and manage to save money on your hotel accommodation. A personal travel assistant works on your case exclusively, so you can book your stay within a single workday. All you need to do is tell us a price range and a list of the most affordable hotel rooms will arrive the next day. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd works with small and large groups alike, and we have a large network of hotels and guest houses in London to choose from.

Past Iterations


The 2023 iteration of HYPER JAPAN was hosted as a live trade exposition between 21-23.07.2023 in Olympia London. The face-to-face format featured over 40 exhibiting firms and approximately 30 000 visitants. 

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