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Christmasworld Frankfurt

( 3 February 2023 - 7 February 2023 )
Venue: Messe Frankfurt
Location: Germany , Frankfurt am Main

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Covid-19 Update

Organisers are organising the 2023 edition of Christmasworld. The hosting dates for the live trade fair are 03.02.2023 - 07.02.2023, and it will coincide with two other events. The other trade fairs will be Ambiente and Creativeworld. Christmasworld 2023 will have a stringent COVID-19 safety plan in place. The prevention measures included in the safety plan will be:


  • All participants must show that they do not have an ongoing COVID-19 infection. Valid documents that can confirm the health status include:
    1. A vaccination certificate with a second dose administered 14 days before the event.
    2. A document confirming the attendee's recovery from a previous Covid-19 infection. It must have one positive and one negative test result. An official quarantine order must have been issued between the two test results.
    3. A negative rapid antigen or PCR test result no older than 48 hours.
  • The exhibition centre will include stringent social distancing regulations. To help in maintaining these policies, the venue will be altered. Among the alternations made will be the increase of aisle spaces to reduce congestions. In places where the widening of aisles cannot occur, the lanes will be one-way. Exhibition halls and meeting areas will also change. These include new hall designs and meeting room configurations. The changes will additionally incorporate separate exits and entrances to avoid congestions. Furthermore, the venue floors will have social distance markers in place.
  • Attendees will have the option to buy their tickets online. They should note that one-day tickets will be valid only for the day specified on them. Additionally, they must provide full details during the registration. This includes a self-declaration of their health status along with confirmation documents.
  • The venue will also have implemented hygiene measures. Among them is the placement of hand disinfection stations and information boards. Cleaning schedule times will undergo adjustments to ensure regular disinfection. Often-used surfaces and high-traffic areas will receive high focus. All who attend events at Messe Frankfurt must wear face masks.

Calling Card

Founded in 1996, Christmasworld is the main fair for festive and seasonal decorations. It is also the location for the festive decoration sector to learn about the latest trends. This allows professionals to prepare for the upcoming year. The fair takes place every year in Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt’s main venue.
Business profile of the event

Christmasworld is a leading fair for the wholesale, import and retail trade sector. It is also the meeting location for festive and seasonal decoration industry professionals. At the fair, attendees can meet with specialists and companies such as:

  • Supermarket chains and discounters
  • Florist shops and floristry wholesalers
  • Shopping centres and city marketing locations
  • Gift boutiques, glass, porcelain, and ceramics shops
  • Furniture and furnishings stores
  • DIY stores
  • Decoration companies and visual merchandisers
  • Drugstores
  • Restaurant, hotel, and catering traders
  • Garden centres
  • Event agencies
Among the companies that visit the fair are Advantech Handicrafts.

What is New for Christmasworld 2022?

The 2022 edition will take place as an an-person event with complementing digital services. The featured trends will be contemplative approach, spirited response, and heirloom feelings.
The contemplative approach focuses on nature. In this trend, materials take pride of place in the design. It also emphasises using renewable materials. Among them are the bark, jute, cork, wood, and grass in combination with metal, stone, and marble. The materials used are in their natural state. At most they are broken, woven, hewn roughly, or processed on a rudimental level. For this trend, tactile feel is vital. This leads to a combination of rustic surfaces and fine-polished, hand-caressing finishes. Such finishes emphasise the natural beauty of the material. Old craftsmanship undergoes a renaissance through this trend. This results in decorations made of clay and ceramics with a sandy, rough appearance. Designs and motifs receive their inspiration from nature. This includes leaves, acorns, bark, cones, fruits, and nuts. The colour palette focuses on restrained moods and tactile materials. Popular nuances are dark juniper berry, light green, and fawn brown. Red beech, matt green, moss, basalt green and warn, light stone shades are also popular.
Heirloom feelings is a trend that reflects gracefulness and poetry. This young and poetic style creates an optimistic perspective. It includes playful and artistic aspects. Among them are down-to-earth interpretations using delicate colours. This trend focuses on using cheerful and lively flora to striking effect. This style combines mille fleur, scattered flowers, blossoms and vines with frills. Fine graphic designs and chequered patterns are also used. The romantic tapestries serve as a foreground quotation from a golden era. Every aspect of the products in this trend reflects the joy of adorning. This applies to both festive decorations, gift wrapping papers, and greeting cards. The hue palette for this trend is of sensitive and optimistic tones. Such include velvety mouse-grey, delicate lime green, cloudy white, and dark topaz. Romantic rose, light almond, red, and soft, airy sky blue are also popular.
The spirited response trend focuses on sustainable solutions. The style focuses on unconventional solutions that emphasise circular economy and up/recycling. The designs within this style are handmade, creative, colour, uncomplicated and cheerful. Illustrative eye-catching designs and organic forms resembling the 1960s form a strong impact. Such elements are complemented by drawn or hand-written print motifs and childlike sketches. This creates vibrant combinations of everyday work with festive decorations. The palette is vivid shades blended with random melanges. Creative materials for new objects are formed via recycling. Such include paper waste turned into papier-mache and old fabrics into decorations.

Did You Know?

Christmasworld can help the gift and souvenirs sector achieve several objectives. One of them is networking with industry experts and potential customers. The fair additionally can aid in learning about new trends and innovations. Furthermore, Christmasworld allows attendees to expand their specialist knowledge and exchange experience. Attendees can also examine products before making purchasing decisions.
One of Christmasworld’s main sub-events is the comprehensive exhibition. It is the location for gaining a detailed overview of the upcoming trends. It is also the event that showcases the latest seasonal decorations. The exhibition has a product portfolio that encompasses every need. It is the main location that gathers in one location wholesalers and retail traders. Such professionals gather to examine the latest wares and place their orders. The exhibition includes several sectors to make finding a certain product easier. The categories include:
  • Visual Merchandising & Light
  • Florists’ Requisites & Garden Decorations
  • Candles & Fragrances
  • Ribbons & Wrapping
  • Christmas Delights
  • Floradecora
  • Christmasworld Volume & Sourcing.
Visual Merchandising focuses on showcasing energy-saving and ultra-modern LED technology. It also shows multi-faceted decorative home/garden lighting. The sector also contains shop-window and in-shop decorations such as in/outdoor lighting. The Florists’ requisites contain creative materials and ideas for artificial plant arrangements. This includes artificial flowers, plants, trees, wreaths, sprays, and holloware. It is also the location for finding garden decorations for shops, homes, and hotels.
The Candles & Fragrances contain exquisite candles, candlesticks, candleholders, and candle accessories. The zone also contains a diverse range of room fragrances and soaps. Ribbons & Wrapping is the location for individual wrapping materials. This includes new motifs, materials, printing options and colours. This allows attendees to personalise bows, ribbons, and gifts.
The Christmas Delights is where attendees can sample seasonal delicacies and beverages. Such include Christmas confectionaries such as mulled wine, chocolate, tea, and Christmas cakes. The Floradecora is the location for buying fresh plants. Such include flowers such as roses, lilies, tulips, chrysanthemums, lisianthus, orchids and poinsettia. The zone also contains a range of bamboos, Christmas trees, succulents, and cacti. The Christmasworld Volume & Sourcing is for placing large volume orders to Asian exhibitors.
The exhibition often includes special-interest items. These are products selected among the ones provided by suppliers at the fair. The products reflect the current edition’s particular themes. This allows the showcased suppliers to receive recognition and generate new leads. There are 3 Special Interest categories. There are German Christmas Crafts, Concept Decorations, and Asia Select. Concept Decorations focuses on showing innovative solutions for the decoration of public spaces. This includes novel products or decorative concepts for shopping centres, malls and retailers. The zone also allows station, airport, and hotel managers to find innovative solutions. Town and city representatives can also find suitable products in the zone.
The German Christmas Crafts showcases the finest handmade Christmas German items. Such include creations made from porcelain, glass, and wood. The Asia Select showcases products from selected individual Asian exhibitors.
Besides the exhibition, Christmasworld includes various zones and showcase sub-events. These sub-events allow attendees to learn about special-interest items and inspirations. Among the leading ones is the Retail BLVD. It showcases ways to create shop effects that are both impressive and sales-promoting. The BLVD achieves such a goal by providing guided tours of retail concepts. During the tours, specialist buyers receive advice on implementing the concepts. Each edition of the BLVD has the concepts created via extensive research.
Another sub-event of interest is the Christmasworld Trends zone. It is the location for showcasing new themes and designers. This allows start-ups and leading companies to gain recognition. Christmasworld is a must-attend for gifts and glassware professionals. The watches/clocks, toys, decoration, and florist sectors should also consider attending.

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Christmasworld is an annual event that takes place for 5 days at Messe Frankfurt. Messe Frankfurt GmbH organises the event with visiting hours varying. Attendants can visit for the first 4 days between 9 am and 6 pm. For the fifth and final day, the visiting hours are between 9 am and 5 pm. Exhibitors can enter at 8 am on all 5 days.
Messe Frankfurt is an exhibition centre linked by various public transport connections. This allows reaching the exhibition centre from different main transport hubs. For example, you can reach Messe Frankfurt from the central station by opting for a taxi or taking the train. By taxi, you will access the venue in 10 minutes. Via train, you will travel the same distance in 17 minutes. As an alternative, you can walk from the central station and reach Messe Frankfurt in 35 minutes. When travelling to the venue from Frankfurt Airport, you can opt to order a taxi or use public transport. By taxi, you will access the exhibition centre in 20 minutes. Via public transport, you will travel the same distance in 50 minutes.
Frankfurt is among Germany’s leading tourist and metropolis cities. It has extensive railway and road connections that connect it to the rest of Germany and Europe. This allows you to reach Messe Frankfurt from neighbouring locations with ease. For instance, there is a railway connection between Offenburg and Frankfurt. Such a route permits reaching the metropolis and the messe in 2 hours. Because of its popularity, Frankfurt has ample accommodation and dining options. These include guest houses, hotels, hostels, and apartments. Dining alternatives include restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs as well as other eateries. When considering areas to stay in, opt for districts such as the Altstadt or Old City.

Audience and Statistics

Christmasworld is a high-profile event that receives over 41 000 visitors. For instance, its 2020 edition included 42,834 visitors and 1063 exhibitors. Around 130 countries visited the edition. This includes nations such as:
  • France
  • Vietnam
  • Japan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Lithuania
  • Myanmar
  • Taiwan
  • Netherlands
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Nepal
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • USA
  • Slovakia
  • Moldova
  • Colombia
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Hungary
  • Indonesia
  • Greece
  • Palestine
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Estonia
  • Egypt
  • Finland
  • South Korea
  • Ukraine
  • Brazil
  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Canada
  • Bulgaria
  • Israel
  • China
  • Latvia
  • Spain
  • The UK
  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Denmark
  • India
Attendees are professionals from the wholesale, import, and retail trade sectors. Specialists working in the gifts, glassware, ceramics, and toy industries also visit. So do children’s clothing and watches/clocks professionals. Hotel, shop, and public space managers also attend the fair.

Past Editions

Christmasworld is an event whose editions are always interesting and diverse. For instance, its 2019 edition featured a new hall structure. Its 2021 edition took place as a digital event known as the Consumer Goods Digital Day. The edition featured 3658 attendees from 93 countries. It also included a detailed conference programme and intense networking opportunities. The 2020 edition was also interesting. One of its event zones, the Decoration Unlimited showcased a curious shop-window theme. This was the Dark Ocean theme. It featured stormy seascapes set against a warm beach-club atmosphere. This helped to create a combination of rugged elements and cosy decorations. The colour palette consisted of dark blues, natural greys, browns, and copper accents.


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