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(28 August 2023 - 30 August 2023 )
Venue: Canton Fair Complex
Location: China , Guangzhou
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions

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Update Regarding the Event

Inter airport China will take place at the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou at new rescheduled dates. The hosting dates are set between the 28th and 30th of August 2023. The Canton Fair Complex will implement the latest Covid-19 safety measures for the face-to-face trade fair. This will include attendees needing to show 3G entry documents, such as proof of recovery. They will also have to perform regular hand disinfection. They must avoid physical forms of contact, such as handshakes. Participants will need to show one negative test result 48 hours before departing for China.

Inter airport China Letter of Introduction

Inter airport China is a biannual trade fair held in Beijing in the China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) or in Guangzhou at the Canton Fair Complex. Reed Exhibitions organises the trade fair. It is important to the airport construction industry. A diverse range of specialists uses the fair as a networking platform. This includes experts ranging from airport construction experts to planners and designers. Furthermore, it is the hosting location for exhibitors like research institutions. This is due to the fair enabling them to present the latest innovative technologies. The event allows such participants to network with potential suppliers. Furthermore, inter airport China enables attendees to raise brand awareness.

Inter airport China's Business Audience

Inter airport China is the meeting location for many experts and industries. It receives specialists from various airports, airlines, and cargo carriers. It additionally features ground handling, maintenance, servicing experts and civil aviation authorities. Government representatives from countries such as China also attend the fair. So do contracting, consulting, and architecture or design specialists. Air traffic control, military, retail, catering, travel and leisure industry experts also attend. The leading visitors of the trade fair include:

  • China Southern Airlines
  • Sichuan Airport Group
  • Shanghai Airport Authority
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Eastern Airports
  • Heilongjiang Airport Group
  • Air China
  • Yunnan Airport Group
  • Capital Airport Holding Company
  • Guangdong Airport Authority
  • China West Airport Group

Goals and Sub-events of inter airport China

Attendees can complete goals such as studying in detail new wares and innovations. This includes novel ground handling, airport technologies, equipment, terminal operations, services, and designs. They can also gain insights into the latest challenges, best practices, and other topics. The trade fair furthermore grants networking opportunities, such as meeting potential suppliers. Attendees can also exchange ideas as well as raise brand awareness.

Inter airport China features a compact yet engaging support programme. This includes showcasing the latest innovations through a comprehensive exhibition. The exhibition area consists of two indoor and one outdoor showcase location. The sub-event features three sections, each containing 6 to 7 subsections. These allow attendees to find wares that interest them with ease. The exposition enables participants to raise brand awareness. They can also overview the aviation industry as well as network. The exhibition sections and subsections are as follows:

  • interDATA
    • Data Management Systems And Solutions
    • Operations Management
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Air Traffic Management
    • Infrastructure And Terminal Management
    • Business Management Service And Solutions
    • Passenger Management
  • interRAMP
    • Airfield Construction
    • Ground Support Equipment And Services
    • Technical Installations
    • (Airside) Technical Services and Systems
    • Environmental Impact Management
    • Health & Safety


  • interTERMINAL
    • Terminal Construction
    • Technical Installations
    • Architectural & Interior Design
    • Terminal Operations
    • Terminal Facilities
    • Industry Services and Management



Inter airport China additionally features a comprehensive range of forums. These enable attendees to learn about the newest trends and can vary in topics.

Inter airport China can be beneficial as a trade fair for a broad range of specialists. This includes members of sectors like aviation, architecture, travel, retail, catering, and leisure. Examples feature ground handling specialists, airport designers, and managers of airlines.

Travel 2 Fairs Ltd and Beijing/Guangzhou Accommodation

Several details can determine the outcome of your business trip to Inter airport China. Among them are aspects such as booking suitable accommodation and organising logistics. Ideally, your hotel should be as close to CIEC or the Canton Fair Complex as possible to reduce commuting time. It should also be within your price range, yet not compromise on quality. Logistics is additionally essential as it can help you in saving travelling time. Often, organising such details can be stressful and time-consuming. This leaves limited time for other tasks, like networking with potential partners. Travel 2 Fairs Ltd can aid you in reducing the amount of time you need, thus allowing you to focus on other business matters. Our company can assist by selecting hotel accommodation based on your specifications. For the task, you can provide us with all details. Our registration process will not take more than a day. Once we have all your details, you can leave the task to us. This applies both to compact parties and groups of twenty or more people. We can also help with logistics by providing high-quality airport transfers and rent-a-car.

Visiting inter airport China and Beijing/Guangzhou

Inter airport China is a biannual event held for three days at the CIEC or at the Canton Fair Complex. It is organised by Reed Exhibitions, with the visiting times set between 9 am and 5 pm for all event days. CIEC is a leading event venue located in Beijing. The Canton Fair Complex is likewise a leading event location in Guangzhou. They are venues in convenient locations due to their proximity to main transport hubs. For instance, attendees can reach CIEC from the International Airport in 28 minutes by car. Alternatively, they can access the venue from the airport in 28 to 43 minutes by public transport. Likewise, the Beijing Railway Station is accessible in 18 minutes by car and 60 by public transportation.

Beijing and Guangzhou are some of the world's largest megacities. They are cities with an extensive history that span several millennia. They are megacities with an extensive public transport system. The cities, despite their impressive proportions, are easy to navigate. This is due to all public transport stations featuring detailed maps written in Chinese and English. The public transportation network of the megacities consist of buses, metros, and trains. This allows visitors to save time when travelling. For instance, attendees can reach Beijing's city centre from the Daxing Airport in 28 minutes by train and in 40 by taxi. Likewise, the commuting time from the Railway Station to the Capital International Airport is 40 to 53 minutes by bus/metro. Beijing and Guangzhou also have extensive public transport connections to other large cities in China. This includes Shanghai, Xi'an and Tianjin. As a result, attendees can safely reach the capital without using much time to commute. For instance, they can arrive in Beijing from Tianjin in 30 minutes by train.

Beijing and Guangzhou provide an extensive range of dining and accommodation options. For example, attendees can opt to stay at a hotel, hostel, apartment, guest house, villa, or homestay. These are available throughout the megacities, including in Beijing's Wangjing and Hutongs Areas. They can also be found in the Chaoyang, Olympic Green, Zhongguancun, and Sanlitun Areas. The University Neighbourhood is also a recommendable location to consider when considering accommodation. The dining options vary from restaurants to tea houses. This includes street vendors, snack shops, clubs, and wine houses.

Inter airport China Audience and Statistics

Inter airport China is a trade fair whose total exhibition space tends to exceed 13,000 sq.m. It receives over 240 exhibitors, including more than 50 international airlines. Approximately 16 countries attend the fair, including:

  • China
  • Germany
  • India
  • Canada
  • Finland
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • USA
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Japan

The event receives more than 5,000 trade visitors during its editions. The represented industries include civil aviation, catering, travel, leisure, architecture, consulting, and contracting.

Inter airport China’s previous editions


The 2018 edition received 4,314 trade visitors and 240 exhibitors from 20 countries. This marked a new turnout achievement for the event. This is due to these numbers marking a 19% increase in exhibitor and a 22% increase in visitor participation.

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