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The 2022 edition of the Airbourne - Eastbourne International Airshow will be hosted between 18.08.2022 and 21.08.2022. The event will be hosted at the Eastbourne Seafront as a live exhibition. The Seafront will feature strict Covid-19 prevention measures to ensure the safety of all participants. This will include attendees needing to wear a face mask in indoor spaces such as the waiting areas. They must also maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres at all times. Before entering the exhibition site, they must also show documents such as proof of recovery certificates to confirm their health status. Due to the recently implemented travel restrictions, such papers must also be shown when arriving in the UK. 

Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow – A Brief Introduction

Sprawling over four miles of seafront, the Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow delights and excites visitors with its mixture of aerial acrobatics, aircraft exhibits and live entertainment. A blend that has guaranteed its reputation as the biggest free airshow in the UK, not to mention the biggest free seafront airshow worldwide. The event is based in Eastbourne, Sussex in the UK and takes place during the height of August. There’s a strong attraction to the Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow as more than 500,000 visitors attend editions on average. 

An Industry Profile 

Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow is closer to a festival than an airshow as it offers a full day’s of programming that keeps a steady flow of people. Programming includes helicopter rides, concerts, acrobatics, autographs with pilots, play areas for children and all the drinks and food one could need. This makes the Airbourne – Eastbourne International Airshow a great boost for the local economy as it gives a platform for local vendors to make sales. You have booths that sell airshow merchandise, toys, memorabilia, local produce, garden furniture, sweet treats, drinks and artisanal foods. 

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