Location: France, Paris
Organizer: GL Events Exhibitions

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Establish your presence with cutting-edge solutions and designs for the electronics, measurement, vision and optics sectors at ENOVA PARIS – the launch pad for new research, applications and groundbreaking technology. The international exhibition opens its doors in Paris, France, to more than 500 exhibitors. As it’s a specialist event, you can expect for over 6000 experts and trade visitors to attend. You can get a lot more networking done, if you approach your hotel booking online with care. Travel 2 Fairs ltd works to place you close to the exhibition centre and keep your expenses low.

Business travel can be time-consuming to plan. Not to mention costly. There are too many hotels in Paris to choose from, and you can never be certain, if you’ve booked the best deal on the market. Travel 2 Fairs ltd works with an extensive database of properties and can make that guarantee for your business travel arrangements. It takes one day to complete preparations so you can devote all your resources to ENOVA PARIS. Display categories include electronic design,computer networks, biophotonics,control technology, electronic components, embedded systems, imaging technique, industrial automation, laboratory equipment, optoelectronics, real-time systems, sound engineering and telecommunications.

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