COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Nuremberg

Upcoming Dates

Representatives of the measuring technology industry are all waiting for SENSOR + TEST to roll around the corner, where the latest achievements in testing and monitoring are going to be presented to an audience of 8600 industry insiders. The location for the international exhibition is Nuremberg, Germany. Up to this moment, organizers confirm close to 600 exhibitors have booked their booths. If you’re amongst them, the next step is to book hotels for SENSOR + TEST. Travel 2 Fairs ltd brings you the best deals on hotel rooms in Frankfurt.

Skip all the stressful hours researching the best accommodation, when Travel 2 Fairs ltd can deliver your hotel booking online in a single day. Business travel has never been easier to plan. Consult with our team over the phone and leave the number of beds, the price range and other preferences. This allows us to sift through our database and choose deals that are a perfect match. SENSOR + TEST boasts a rich product portfolio – calibrators, measuring cells, measuring devices, micro actuators, micro-switches, semiconductors and test equipment. Other long-awaited features are the several specialist congresses and expert forum!