A + А

A + А
COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Dusseldorf

Upcoming Dates

Any company working in environment, fire protection, industrial safety and safety at work attend A + A – the go-to international trade fair for the personal protection and occupational safety industries. You simply have to attend as other nearly 1900 exhibitors book their accommodation in Dusseldorf, Germany. The reason? An incredible reach with buyers as the event is regularly visited by over 65,000 trade visitors looking to close a good deal. Travel 2 Fairs ltd assists in your business travel plans with an online hotel reservation for trade fairs that’s tailored to your specific needs and tastes.

Book hotels for A + A with a single phone consultation. Say goodbye to the long hours you spend researching deals, comparing prices and looking at maps to find the most advantageous spot in Dusseldorf. Travel 2 Fairs ltd does all this for you and we always land the deals that cut down on your travel expenses. Devote yourself fully to the program at A + A, which focuses on raising safety standards and introducing new emergency protocols. Technical innovations are also at the forefront across the entire product spectrum – anti-slip mats, ear protectors, fire protection, flooring, hand trucks, helmets, protective clothing and respirators.