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It’s no surprise to find the cutting-edge trends in clothing and accessories collected at Bread and Butter in Berlin, Germany. The international trade fair has been a beacon for the fashion industry and captures the spirit of the era with its every staging. Reputable brands, designers – established and emerging, fashion personas and taste makers will fly over for the event. There’s not much time until the fair starts, so better get you booking for Bread and Butter.

Travel 2 Fairs ltd can help you shave off your travel expenses. When looking to make an online hotel reservation for trade fairs, there are several things to keep in mind. Location – am I close enough? Do I have public transport options? Price – is this the best deal for my budget? Travel 2 Fairs ltd addresses all this questions when searching for hotels close to Bread and Butter. In the end, you get front row seats for the show and what a show it is. In keeping the spirit of the event, organizers bring in fashion shows that will stop your breath and concerts to add a much necessary soundtrack to the parade of colors, fabrics and prints.

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