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( 9 January 2024 - 12 January 2024 )
Location: Germany , Frankfurt am Main
Organizer: Messe Frankfurt GmbH

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Heimtextil 2024 will take place between 09.01.2024 and 12.01.2024 in Frankfurt am Main. The event will be hosted in a face-to-face format in Messe Frankfurt. At present, Germany does not have travel or national Covid-19-related restrictions. As a result, the venue will not include safety measures, such as the 3G entry policy. Attendees will be advised to follow recommendations such as wearing surgical masks in indoor areas like the conference rooms.

Calling Card

Heimtextil is Germany’s premier contract and home textile show. It is the meeting location for leading players in the market. The fair helps set the sector standards due to it taking place at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, the event is the location for learning about new interior textile trends. Founded in 1971, Heimtextil’s among Frankfurt am Main’s main events. It takes place at one of the city’s leading venues, Messe Frankfurt.

Business Profile of the Event

Heimtextil is the meeting location for companies such as ABS International. It attracts professionals from the contract and home textile sectors, such as hotel outfitters. Retailers, wholesalers, interior decorators, architects, and furniture or bedding stores are also among the specialists that attend Heimtextil. It additionally receives manufacturers, visual merchandisers, and suppliers.

Did You Know?

Heimtextil can be beneficial for home and contract textile professionals. It can provide them with an opportunity to find new products. These include decorative and furniture fabrics and bedroom, bathroom or sun-protection textiles. The event, furthermore, allows them to network and form new connections. Additionally, the trade show allows professionals to expand their specialist knowledge. They will also be able to gain recognition. It furthermore provides opportunities to learn about innovations and trends.

Heimtextil has an extensive support programme. Among the main events in the schedule is the Heimtextil Future Materials Library. It is a dedicated zone for new interior application trend-setting materials. Often, the trends shown in the area reflect the current changes in the industry. For example, the 2022 edition focuses on trends, such as repurpose, rewild, and revive. The repurpose trend emphasises repurposing existing textiles into new fabrics.

Another event of interest is the Exhibition, including its Smart Bedding sector. It is an exhibition zone focused on the relevant topics of sleep. In the area, 150 companies showcase smart innovations and textile trends. Other exhibition sectors at the fair include:

  • Heimtextil Trends 22/23, Textile Design
  • Decorative & Furniture Fabrics
  • Asian Excellence and Asian Selection
  • Window & Interior Decoration
  • Wall Decoration
  • Textile technology
  • Beautiful Living (Brands & Private Label)
  • Asian Selection & Asian Excellence
  • Galleria 0 Media
  • Smart Bedding
  • Bed & Bath Fashion (Brands)
  • Bed & Bath Fashion (Private Label)

The exposition features around 3,000 exhibitors who showcase their innovative and trend-setting products. Such include fabrics, textiles, interior decorations, designs, production technologies, and retail services.

Heimtextil also hosts specialist theme areas such as the Interior, Sustainability, and Small-scale retail supply. The Interior is the specialist area for viewing functional fabric selections. It can be helpful to specialists, such as interior designers, architects, and hospitality experts. The library allows visitors to examine and experience the materials on-site. Furthermore, they can visit lectures hosted by renowned interior architects and hotel experts. During the sessions, attendants can discuss topics such as building culture.

The Sustainability specialist theme area has a similar intent to the Interior one. It is the area where attendees can examine textiles produced through sustainable methods. The section includes a dedicated zone known as the Green Village. It is an area where attendees can ask organisations and certification bodies questions. Furthermore, the Sustainability theme zone contains the Speakers’ Corner. This is the area where international experts discuss resource conservation and production conditions.

Heimtextil is a fair that can help retailers, wholesalers, and designers. Furthermore, it can help interior decorators, architects, and hotel outfitters. Additionally, Heimtextil can help manufacturers, department store managers, and suppliers.

Start-ups can look forward to several events in the trade show programme. Among them is the exhibition where they can showcase their innovations and products. Other events include the specialist theme areas, such as Interior and Sustainability.

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Heimtextil is an annual trade show organised by Messe Frankfurt GmbH. It takes place in Messe Frankfurt for four days. Opening hours for the event are between 9 am and 6 pm for the first three days. On the last day, attendees can visit between 9 am and 5 pm.

Several alternatives allow reaching Messe Frankfurt while saving time. For example, you can opt for a taxi, train or walk from the Central Station. By taxi, you will reach in 8 to 10 minutes. You will access the exhibition centre in 17 minutes by S-Bahn or the aboveground train. Walking allows you to arrive at Messe Frankfurt in 35 minutes.

Likewise, you can opt for a taxi or train when travelling from Frankfurt Airport. Depending on the selected path, a taxi will allow you to reach Messe Frankfurt in 12 to 20 minutes. The journey will be longer when travelling by train, ranging from 35 to 50 minutes. Frankfurt has extensive railway and road connections that connect it to local cities. For example, the city is a 2-hour commute from neighbouring Offenburg.

Frankfurt has ample options for sleeping and dining in the city. For example, the Altstadt or Old City district has about 30 and above hotels and dining places. Frankfurt also has other recommended areas for resting and dining. Among them are the Innenstadt or Inner City, Sachsenhausen, and Bockenheim.

Audience and Statistics

Heimtextil is an international trade fair with high participation and satisfaction rates. For example, 3,025 exhibitors and 67,500 visitors attended the 2019 edition. 75% of the visitors came from countries outside of Germany. A total of 65 nations visit the fair. Among them are China, Italy, England, and the USA. They also feature Turkey, Pakistan, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Sectors that attended the fair include interior design, textile, and textile machinery. They also feature skilled trades, retail trade, services, wholesale, and foreign trade industries. The 2019 edition of Heimtextil had a 94% satisfaction rating.

Past Editions

Heimtextil 2020

Heimtextil's 2020 edition featured 63,000 visitors and 2,952 exhibitors. The event format was face-to-face, with the hosting location being Messe Frankfurt. The rendition featured the latest COVID-19 prevention measures, including social distancing and mandatory mask-wearing.

Heimtextil 2022

Heimtextil's once-only Summer Special coincided with Techtextil Frankfurt and Texprocess 2022. They signified the triumphant restart of the international textile sector. 91% of the visitors were pleased with the hybrid events that took place in Messe Frankfurt. They were held between 21.06.2022 and 24.06.2022. They attracted approximately 63,000 attendees and 2,300 exhibitors from 117 nations.

Heimtextil 2023

Heimtextil 2023 featured 44,000 visitors and 2,400 exhibitors from a total of 129 participant countries. Among the nations with the highest participation rates were China, India, Pakistan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Greece, and Germany. The event was hosted in Messe Frankfurt between 10.01.2023 and 13.01.2023. The venue did not feature Covid-19 safety measures due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related restrictions.




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