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The UK is among the leading, central and time-honoured countries of the global fashion industry. This is due to the comprehensive and high-value couture sector present in the state. It comprises more than 26 400 enterprises that represent the entire value chain. It includes various small and medium-sized enterprises and extensive, time-honoured corporations. They are specialised in diverse sections. Such include production, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and aftercare. This results in the direct and indirect employment of 1 300 000 specialists. It includes around 260 000 experts in design, development, and manufacturing. It also features more than 1 000 000 positions in distribution, retail, and aftercare. This results in the production of high turnovers through GDP contributions and tax revenues. For example, in recent years, the UK’s fashion industry has produced a GDP contribution of 62 000 000 000 GBP. It has also generated tax revenues totalling 23 000 000 000 GBP. The UK’s couture sector is also chiefly focused on innovation. This is because of the industry's frequent investments to further its development. For example, it is expected to invest 6 000 000 GBP in recent years. The UK’s couture sector displays its latest innovations during annual trade expos. Such events attract hundreds to tens of thousands of attendees.