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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Stuttgart

Upcoming Dates

!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of blickfang has been officially postponed for October by the organisers due to coronavirus. NEW dates are announced: 31/Oct/2020 – 01/Nov/2020

Enter a new era in design that spans the entirety of textiles and fashion at blickfang - the international trade fair that’s always stood at the forefront of inventive and creative thinking with innovation and bold visions in mind. The edition in Stuttgart, Germany gathers the brightest minds in the industry in early spring over the course of three days. In attendance, you have industry insiders with real buying power, who want to see the collections of note in the furniture, fashion and jewellery sectors. Seek out hotels for blickfang early on and leave your business travel arrangements to Travel 2 Fairs ltd.

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