War and Peace Revival

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CITY: Kent

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If you know anything about military shows, then you know there is no other event in the world to compete with The War and Peace Revival in scale or attention to detail. The military show and vintage festival runs for five days in late July – early August at the Hop Farm Family Park in Kent and brings second life to military history through the 20th century. In addition to action-packed demonstrations of military vehicles, visitors can immerse themselves in swing and jazz live shows or go on a shopping spree for vintage clothing, appliances and household items.  

  • The War and Peace Revival is out of this world when we talk about size and scale. Over 4000 military vehicles are on display and put into action, and the massive festival is a big draw for more than 100,000 international visitors; 
  • The War and Peace Revival has gone through a lot of changes including a change in locations with four editions being held at the Folkestone Racecourse, RAF Westenhanger; 
  • It’s not just about showcasing powerful military vehicles, but also a chance to learn more about history and this is where reenactments come into play with scenes that depict life in British trenches and life for GIs in Vietnam to name a few. 

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