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(17 September 2024 - 20 September 2024 )
Location: Germany , Essen
Organizer: Messe Essen GmbH

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Security Essen 2024 will be held between 17.09.2024 and 20.09.2024. Messe Essen will not feature Covid-19 safety measures. Germany does not have travel restrictions.


Security Essen is a leading trade fair for the safety and security industry. It is an international trade show established in 1974 and takes place every two years at Messe Essen. The event serves as an essential innovation and information-providing platform. Security Essen receives over 950 exhibitors from over 40 countries and 36,000 trade visitors from more than 120 nations. Such participants attend from Australia, Denmark, Egypt, India, and the USA.

About Security Essen

Security Essen receives attendants from the safety and security industry. It also accepts participants from the IT, education, financial and DIY sectors. The construction, banking, and defence industries similarly attend.
Security Essen features highlights such as the Cybersecurity Conference and the Start-up Area. The Security Innovation Award, DNS Conference, and German-Dutch Security Forum are also must-attends. So are the Fire Protection Forum, Security Experts Forum, and guided tours. This also applies to the live demonstrations and the Day of training. The comprehensive exhibition is also a show-stopping sub-event worth attending. It spans eight exhibition halls. These present wares like security services, fire/intrusion systems, protection, and cybersecurity.
Lead exhibitors include ABUS, OxyReduct, Optima, Dedrone GmbH, DynaColor and AMC Electronica.

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Due to the corona pandemic (COVID-19), trade fair and event information may be obsolete. You can get more information from the organiser.

Past Editions


Security Essen 2022 took place as a live event between the dates of 20.09.2022 and 23.09.2022. Messe Essen did not feature Covid-19 safety measures due to the lifting of the related pandemic restrictions. The event was attended by 383 exhibitors from 36 nations and by around 17,000 visitors with 77% of the attendees being decision-makers.

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