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CITY: West Sussex

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The South of England Show enjoys the reputation as being a premier county show in England with a strong core audience and stable visitor turnout for over 50 years. The county show is located in 150 acres right outside Ardingly, Sussex. A lot can be said about the county show. It started off as a mainly agricultural show where dairy and beef cattle, sheep and pigs, hounds and horses were the focal point, but since then has grown into a place where charities, nurseries, beekeepers, rural artists, wine manufacturers and artisanal manufacturers can showcase their wares. 

  • We’ve touched a bit about the visitor turnout and it’s time to see the numbers. Organisers reveal that on average more than 65,000 people attend the county show and the majority of the visitors are British with London and Brighton leading in numbers; 
  • The show is organised by The South of England Agricultural Society as a vehicle to spread knowledge and educate in regards to agriculture; 
  • Agriculture is at the centre of the show, but it doesn’t only mean cattle and livestock. One of the most exciting programming items are the Bees & Honey competitions that see some of the best beekeepers in the region partake.

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