Pferd & Jagd

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COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Hannover

Upcoming Dates

Pferd & Jagd returns to unite the global equestrian, hunting and angling communities once more with an immersive program that not only showcases excellent in products, equipment and tools, but also demonstrates trends in equestrian sports and hunting destinations. 800 exhibitors and counting will bring their best selections to the international trade show in Hannover, Germany in early December. More than 80,000 visitors will wind through the exhibits. Take the first step towards your business travel outing and let Travel 2 Fairs ltd take over your search for hotels for Pferd & Jagd.

Bookings for international trade shows are easy to get, when you have a dedicated team to work on your behalf. Shave off the long hours looking into hotels in Hannover. You can’t know which prices are the best, because there are so many options. Travel 2 Fairs ltd has a thorough overview and can identify the most accessible deals in a matter of hours. Pferd & Jagd puts on just electrifying horse shows and demonstration of firearms and hunting tools. Product groups shown at the exhibition include carriage driving accessories, dog beds, dog supplies, feed, equestrian accessories, fishing gear, fishing tackle, four-wheel vehicles, grazing, gun cabinets and more.