COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Nuremberg

Upcoming Dates

In the world die casting industry, EUROGUSS 2020 has a special place as a platform to debut the advancements in die casting processes, equipment and tools to a professional audience. The specialist international trade fair has now grown to close to 600 exhibitors and more than 12,000 visitors. Nuremberg, Germany prepares for the newest edition scheduled for the period January 14th– January 16th. Don’t waste any more time and leave your business travel preparations to the professionals at Travel 2 Fairs ltd. Get an online hotel reservation for trade fairs that’s tailored to your financial ability and personal taste.

EUROGUSS 2020 covers a wide spectrum of products and technologies on the exhibition floors – rapid prototyping, CNC machines, metal alloys, die casting moulds, peripheral devices, joining processes, process optimization, energy efficiency, die casting machinery and 3D printing. It’s the place to learn where the industry is headed, conclude valuable deals and secure projects. Focus on this and Travel 2 Fairs ltd will put together your business trip. Our database is filled with hotels in Nuremberg across price categories, star ranks and locations. All you have to do is describe to us your dream hotel. You can count on an efficient service that delivers results the very next day!