VIV Europe

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COUNTRY: Netherlands
CITY: Utrecht

Upcoming Dates

Discussions surrounding the broader sectors of animal husbandry and meat processing across all links in the value chain are set to take place in VIV Europe. The international trade show is a key meeting place for processional in agriculture and animal farming that takes place in Netherlands that takes place every four years. The trade show believes in the feed-to-meat principle, which is why you see a diversity in the product representation. Poultry meat, eggs, pig meat, calve meat and dairy are just the foundation. You see feed brands, animal health products, animal breeding products, farm and slaughter equipment. Here are more reasons to come exhibit:

  • Capture the attention and imagination of some 24,000 trade visitors, who pack some real purchasing power;
  • Inform yourself on the next generation of solutions as VIV Europe is fully committed to new innovations with a solid reputation as the Olympics of the animal protein sector;
  • Enjoy programming highlights like the Dairy Program and seminar of Pet Food Claims.

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