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VIV Europe 2022 will take place from May 31st to June 2nd. The event will be hybrid and hosted in Utrecht. Because of the format, a strict COVID-19 safety plan will be implemented. The guidelines can be seen at both the venue's and the event's websites. Visitor and exhibitor compliance is expected. 

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VIV Europe is the animal protein industry's leading event. It is the place where the industry learns about the latest innovations. The event is also the preferred platform for the conducting of business in the industry. The event takes place at the Jaarbeurs Exhibition Center in Utrecht city.

Business Profile of the Event

VIV Europe attracts a wide range of attendees. This includes companies such as Incubatrici Borotto - an egg incubator producer. Another company which has attended is LIVISTO, an international pharmaceutical company.  Ishida Europe ltd, a food packaging solutions provider, has also attended this event. Likewise, Insta-pro International an agricultural machinery manufacturer has visited VIV Europe.

Did You Know?

VIV Europe will show the latest innovations in the animal protein production industry. This will include reviews on ways to improve sustainable farming. It will also permit attendees to create new connections and review products. The event's program will be diverse. There will be several seminars and conferences hosted by notable companies. Additionally, there will be discussions about the industry's growing role in food security. There will be showcases on the latest products and innovations. These will be on topics related to several subject areas. The VIV Europe will have several subject areas. These include topics on Pigs, Dairy, Fish/Shrimp, Poultry and Cattle. The Poultry topic will include innovations related to Poultry-Broilers and Poultry-Layers. The subject areas will be distributed into 10 segments. These segments are:

  • Feed
  • Feed Ingredients & Additives
  • Animal Health
  • Breeding & Hatching
  • Farm production
  • Food Engineering
  • Media & Consultancy
  • Logistics / Refrigeration
  • Laboratory testing equipment and services
  • IT & automation services

VIV Europe can provide insight for many  professionals and companies. These include feed mill specialists, veterinarians, breeders, food retailers, processing companies, and nutritionists. It can also provide information to the ones working in the animal health sector. These include manufacturers, distributors and service providers. Likewise, importers/exporters, farm owners & employees, researchers, and consultants should consider attending. So should animal industry equipment manufacturers and distributors. New companies can use the opportunity to establish new connections. This can be done through the event's exclusive matchmaking program. 

Your Hotel Room in Utrecht

VIV Europe can provide specialists with plentiful opportunities. But, to take advantage of them, you need to prepare well. This includes organising your business trip so that your time is well-used. This should involve using as little commuting time as possible. A recommended way of achieving this step is to choose a suitable hotel accommodation. Travel 2 Fairs ltd can help you by providing you with a selection of hotels with ideal location in Utrecht. This will permit you to choose between hotels close to the venue. We also have experience in working with large groups, so you can query for parties of 20 and more people. Our registration process is  user-friendly. You can furthermore leave all details to us. Travel 2 Fairs ltd can also assist with logistics. For instance, you can request a rent-a-car or an airport transfer in both directions. Such a request can be made regardless if the vehicle will accommodate one  person or be shared by several.


VIV Europe takes place at Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre every 4 years. The event lasts for 3 days and is organised by VNU Exhibitions Europe. Attendees can visit between 10 am and 6 pm. The venue has a convenient location as Utrecht Airport is 6 minutes away. Also, the city's Central Railway Station is within walking distance. Reaching the venue from neighbouring cities is furthermore easy. For example, the venue is 34 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam via the A2 motorway.

Utrecht is a large historical city with a well-developed public transport system. For instance, there are trains which link Utrecht to other cities. The city has 8 stations: Utrecht Central, Lunetten, Maliebaan, Leische Rijn. The other 4 are Overvecht, Zulien, Terwijde, and Vaartsche Rijn. Utrecht furthermore has an extensive bus network. For instance, the Intercity line connects Utrecht to Amsterdam, Amersfoort, and Rotterdam.

There are many places in the city where attendees can sleep and dine. These include approximately 135 restaurants and about 100 hotels. The hotels range from 4 or 5-star hotels to private rooms. The restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines at various price ranges. Many of the hotels are located in the city centre or are close to public transport links. The exhibition centre furthermore can provide catering through its partner companies. 

Audience & Statistics

VIV Europe is attended by around 25,000 visitors. It also hosts around 600 exhibiting companies. Both groups represent different regions of the world. This includes the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, UK, USA, Russia, China and India. Additionally, visitors and exhibitors from Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Iran, and others attend. In total 144 countries are represented.

Several industries are presented at the event by the visitors and exhibitors. These include:

  • Feed mill
  • Feed ingredients & additives
  • Animal health 
  • Animal husbandry
  • Agriculture
  • Animal industry equipment 
  • Food processing 
  • Food retail
  • Marketing & sales 
  • Import & export
  • Research
  • Media 
  • Farm production
  • Food Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Laboratory testing equipment and services
  • IT & automation services

Past Editions


The theme for the 2022 edition of VIV Europe was Global Expertise - Local Practice. The theme focused on how certain trends influence the forming of a supply chain with fewer links. These trends were related to feed, nutrition, breeding and others. Focus was placed on the interaction between consumers and farmers. And how this interaction is as important as the interaction within the supply chain. The event was held as a hybrid event between 31.05.2022 and 01.06.2022. It received 19,024 visitors from 142 countries and 435 exhibitors from 44 nations.

68% of the visitors were from West Europe and 10% were from Eastern Europe. 14%v of the trade visitors represented the Middle East and Africa, while 8% represented Asia and other regions of the world. Over 20 innovations were presented at the event. 89% of the exhibitors intent to exhibit at the next edition, while 86% of the visitors intent to visit it. Of the exhibiting companies, 75% would recommend the event to others. Among the trade visitors, 84% would recommend VIV Europe to other industry members. 71% of the exhibitors consider the event to be fairly or very important, while 75% of the visitors consider VIV Europe to have fair or very high importance. 82% of the visitors rate the content as good or very good, while 74% of the exhibitors rate visitor quality as good or excellent. 




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