Parcel+Post Expo

Upcoming Dates

Keep in step with how standards shift, technologies alter and trends emerge in the postal and parcel industry with a visit to Parcel+Post Expo. It’s a specialist event that draws in the participation of some 100 exhibitors to Netherlands. Attendance is also smaller with 3500 trade visitors set to make the trip. The intimate environment will allow to have more meaningful networking opportunities, especially if you leave your hotel booking online to Travel 2 Fairs ltd. You have a richer choice in hotels and shave off your business travel costs.You don’t need to spend hours upon hours going through all hotels for Parcel+Post Expo .

Travel 2 Fairs ltd does all this in a timely manner and in accordance to your wishes. Whether you want a peaceful room at the city outskirts or a reservation near the international exhibition, we’re here to deliver. In addition, the properties are selected based on your budget and access to public transport. Dedicate yourself fully to Parcel+Post Expo  and its immersive conference program. Categories on display include address detection systems, air cargo terminals, automation systems, bicycle accessories, cargo handling equipment, conveyor systems, courier services, courier software and data collection equipment.