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CITY: Verona

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Inform yourself about current market forces at work in the metallurgy at METEF 2020 and make a strong impression to the large community gathering with a dynamic demonstration. Verona, Italy is where the international trade fair and the upcoming edition has been scheduled for the period May 27th – May 30th. Current predictions estimate exhibitors at 500 and trade visitors at 19,000. Don’t wait for the last moment to book hotels for METEF 2020 and hire Travel 2 Fairs ltd to discover the best deals and discounts on the market. You save money on your budget and cut on the time to complete your business travel preparations.

Custom bookings for international trade shows – this way you know you’ve booked the optimal hotel no matter what your budget is. Travel 2 Fairs ltd boasts a large network of hotels, apartments and hostels in Düsseldorf, and it takes us a day to filter all options to arrive at the winning deal. All we need from you is a budget, how many rooms you need and how close you wish to be. There is a lot of product diversity at METEF 2020 – steel casting, steel production,iron production, non-ferrous metal production, casting and pouring of molten steel, and measurement technology.